PcTutorial.info Introduction

PCTutorial.info will be a casual blog about technology product reviews like gadgets, pc parts, electronics, pc tools, etc I love to use. Every product I review I use myself, or know the product is good from other user reviews from friends, online and friends.

Pctutorial.info is a proud Amazon Associate affiliate member, so I get paid a percentage of the sales which people purchase by clicking my affiliate links to buy a product I recommended via text or image link.

Amazon is a great company which sell merchandise for low prices, and ships them well. I also like how Amazon takes a lot of care when packaging and shipping my purchases. I never experience a damage shipment in 2 years from Amazon because their shipping and packaging is so good. This is the main reason I am honored to be an Amazon Associate affiliate member since when people asks me where they can find good deals online. I usually say "Amazon!".

The money which I earn from Amazon Affiliates will go toward buying products to review on this blog and paying for domain registration for pctutorial.info, and I might use some of the money for prizes if I make enough, and have enough subscribers for a contest.

PcTutorial.info also gets paid money by Google Adsense for displaying relevant banner, and text ads for my content like all Google Adsense publisher members.

My Biography

I'm Johnson Yip. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I graduated from Vancouver Community College's Information Technology Specialist Course in 2008. After graduation, I became Comptia A+ IT Enterprise Technician certified in 2009. I am currently studying for the Comptia Network+ certificate. I'm also looking for an entry level job in IT. My interests includes computers, internet marketing, IT, Gadgets, video games, computer games, anime, movies, cartoons, music, drawing, video editing, making computer help videos, and collecting coins.

If you need to contact me, contact me on


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