March 24, 2012

Comment for a chance to win 1 of 10 copies of WinxDVD player software.

All you have to do is make a comment on which is the giveaway contest video page on YouTube for WinXDVD player.

WinxDVD player is a software which is used for playing back DVD movies, VCD, video and audio files, and TV on your computer if you have a TV tuner card on your computer.

It supports Regions 1-6 DVDs, subtitles, chapters, and multi-lingual audio on DVDs with more then one audio track.

WinxDVD also has a gray theme which looks pretty nice, and WinxDVD user interface is pretty good, and easy to use.

March 15, 2012

Type Text faster with Alternative swyping Keyboard Apps for Kobo Vox eReader Tablet running Google Android Gingerbread

The Kobo Vox Tablet eReader running Google Android Gingerbread mobile operating systems comes pre-installed with a basic keyboard which is good for basic text input like entering a website address in the web browser address bar and making simple searches on Search Engines, but there are faster keyboards which let you type faster when typing sentences, and paragraphs like e-mail, forums, blogs, and comments.

I use both Swype Beta and SlideIT On Screen Keyboard App on the Kobo Vox, and they work great, and I find them both easier, faster, and more fun to use then the default keyboard app which came with the Vox.

For tablet, smartphones, and ereaders which have an onscreen keyboard, you need to look down on the keys to type them, and if you have big fingers then it is very easy to tap the wrong key. But, with a swyping keyboard, swyping the wrong key is less common and simpler.

Swyping Keyboards are the best type of keyboard apps for writing e-mails, annotations in e-books, text messages, status updates, and instant messages in a fast and easy manner.

Swyping keyboards where you draw lines from one letter to another letter to type or text out a word can make typing a lot more accurate, and faster on a touchscreen tablet. Tapping the on screen keyboard can be slow and not as accurate, and it can make your hand more tired over time.

March 14, 2012

Type Text Use Tablet faster on Google Android touchscreen keyboardless Tablet like Kobo Vox or Kindle Fire

The Kobo Vox, Kindle Fire Color eReader tablets, and other cheaper Google Android tablets + eReaders don't have physical keyboards, or connections like Bluetooth, USB, or Firewire for physical keyboards, but it is still possible to type at a decent words per minute speed with them, and use them quickly with just the onscreen keyboard and controls. The Kobo Vox and Kindle Fire also don't have a microphone, so you can't use voice to text apps to type faster, so you can only rely on your fingers or a capacitive stylus to type faster on the keyboard.

I have been using the Kobo Vox for over 2 months, and discovered some tips on make using the Kobo Vox a lot faster when typing, reading, and using Apps. By typing faster, reading, and using apps faster, you can do more on your Kobo Vox in a shorter amount of time since you won't be slowed down by slow typing, and the time it takes for you to manually find apps which are located all over your homescreens. The faster you finish typing something, the faster you get to have fun doing other things like playing games, YouTube videos, etc on your Tablet. You'll also not waste as much battery time on slow typing since your screen is powered on while you are typing, so the longer it takes you to type, the longer your tablet will be on which means you waste more of your battery power typing slowly.

If you are low on battery life, it means you need to type faster before the battery is fully empty to finish typing your e-mail, or you can't send it if the battery drains before you can press send on your web-mail. Tablets do not have the luxury of unlimited electricity like desktop computers which are always plugged into a power plug.

Some of these tips would help you even if you own a different tablet brand like Apple iPad, BlackBerry Playbook, other Android tablets, Smartphones, and touch screen devices.

March 10, 2012

Tetris for Kobo Vox and Google Android Tablets SmartPhones

Tetris is a classic game which people played on the PC, game consoles, and older phones. But, Tetris is now available for Google Android Tablets and Smart Phones like the Kobo Vox which uses Google Android as its operating system.

Tetris performs pretty well  on the Kobo Vox. To change the direction of the blocks, I just need to tap on the block. For changing, the location the block will fall on, I just drag the blocks to the left or right of the screen. If I want the blocks to drop faster, I drag the blocks down.

The point of Tetris is to change the direction of the blocks, and to use the blocks to create a continuous line at the bottom of the screen to get rid of the blocks before all the blocks reaches the top of the screen. If the blocks reach the top of the screen, you lose the game. If you can get rid of all the blocks by using them to make a straight horizontal line at the bottom of the screen then you get points, and go to the next level when you earned enough points to go to the next level.

March 6, 2012

Cut The Rope for Google Android on Kobo Vox Tablet eReader Review

Cut the Rope, is a puzzle game where you have to cut rope, pop bubbles, and other objects, so you can swing a piece of candy safely into a Green monsters mouth.

The game is a casual puzzle game, but it can also be very challenging and hard in the latter levels, and you need to also collect stars with the candy on the rope to unlock new boxes. Some levels require a lot of speed and accuracy when cutting Rope, and popping bubbles.

The 7 inch screen of the Kobo Vox is great for playing Cut The Rope because it is bigger then a SmartPhone, and the color screen is very colorful and bright. The screen sensitivity is also pretty good.

The game is played in vertical/portrait mode, but for some levels like the horizontal levels,  I wish I can play them in horizontal mode, so I can see more of the horizontal width of the level.
The game runs good on the Kobo Vox since the Kobo Vox 800MHz CPU and 512MB of RAM is fast enough to run the game.

March 5, 2012

Installing Adobe Flash Player for the Kobo Vox Google Android Gingerbread Tablet

It is simple to install Adobe Flash Player for the Kobo Vox Google Android Gingerbread Web Browser on the eReader Tablet.Google Android having Flash support is one advantage of Android over Apple iOS and other mobile operating systems.

All you need is the .APK installer File for Adobe Flash Player for Google Android, and open it in your downloads folder, or other folder in Google Android via a File Manager App for Android like File Expert.
You can download the .APK file from the Google Android Marketplace if you have another phone or tablet which supports the Google Android Marketplace, and use a MicroSD memory card, or e-mail to copy and paste the Adobe Flash Player .APK file to the Kobo Vox's memory storage.

March 4, 2012

Maintenance Tips for keeping Google Android Gingerbread running well on Tablets like Kobo Vox

The Google Android Gingerbread operating system does not need any or much maintenance from the user if you just use the pre-installed Apps like web browsers, calculator, ebook reader, Kobo Bundled Apps, and install only a few Apps on your Kobo Vox. For the typical user who does not install a lot of Apps, it is typically not necessary to maintain their Vox except for updating it when Kobo sends a notification/pop-up Window to you on your Vox telling you a new Update is available, and updating Apps when the App maker sends you an e-mail or notification on his App telling you to update his App he made for Android.

Not having to run maintenance Apps on the Kobo Vox eReader Tablets is one of the best parts of owning a Google Android Tablet eReader compared to a Windows Tablet which needs an Anti-virus, firewall, and PC maintenance software because of the amount of viruses Windows has, and slow downs caused by Disk fragmentation, and temporary files which is mainly a Windows problem.

There are also no cooling fans, and hard drive to maintain on the Vox like a desktop or laptop computer, so all you need to do is use a clean piece of clothe to wipe fingerprints off the Vox's screen, buttons, sides, and back to keep it looking new.

Tips for Saving Space on Kobo Vox Google Android Gingerbread Tablet.

 The Kobo Vox and many other Google Android Tablet comes with 8GB of Space, but many a little bit of space is used for the Google Android operating system and unremovable Apps, so you can't use all of its space.

If you want to save mpre space, I recommend only installing Apps you would use, and uninstall Apps which you previously downloaded from the internet, but never or hardly use. Plus, moving Apps to SD, and personal files to a MicroSD memory card. The Kobo Vox supports a 32 GB Micro SD Memory Card in size, so you can have plenty of HD video files, high bitrate MP3 sog files, and High resolution files on it to view on your Vox while freeing up space by moving personal files like pictures, videos, and music files from the internal SD to your MicroSD card which can be up to 32 GB in Size.

Moving Apps to SD will make Google Android Gingerbread on the Kobo Vox start up a lot faster if your Internal Memory is almost full, and reduce the chance of not in enough memory error when installing and downloading apps.

March 2, 2012

Make Kobo Vox Google Android Gingerbread Tablet eReader start up like new by moving Apps to SD memory instead of Internal Memory

 If your internal memory is very full on a Google Android Gingerbread 2.3 Tablet eReader like the Kobo Vox Tablet eReader, your start-up time will be longer compared to a less full internal memory card. A lot of apps which you download will be installed on your Internal Memory, but not on your SD card.

You don't need to modify Google Android in anyway, and it is easy to reverse the changes manually with a few clicks of the screen if you experience problems afterwards in rare cases.

You can easily move them to your SD Card, so you can install more Apps on your internal memory, or make your Tablet or eReader start up time back to normal like the day you bought your Android Gingerbread tablets like Kobo Vox.

You can also move your Apps to SD card in Android Froyo, and possibly other newer versions according to other blog posts I read.