February 29, 2012

Go Launcher EX, Great Alternative App launcher for Google Android

I have been using Go Launcher EX on my Kobo Vox eReader, and I like how easy it is to use for managing my App shortcuts/icons on its home screen compared to the default App launcher for the Kobo Vox which uses the Google Android Gingerbread Theme.

Custom Launcher Apps are the safest and easiest ways to customize your Google Android Tablet or Smartphone's user interface for its app launcher since if you do not like Go Launcher EX, you can just uninstall it, and you'll be using the default Google Android Launcher App Again.

You can also clear the data in Go Launcher App section in Application settings, and set Google Android Launcher to be the default Launcher again. It is also possible to set the Google Android Launcher as your default launcher after you installed Go Launcher EX, and use it when you want to.

I can select more then one App at a time to add to my home screen until my home screen is full. I also can add and remove homescreens which I do not use or want any more.

I also notice when using Go Launcher EX, changing to the next homescreen is also faster. There are also more animations for the home screens, so I can change the way Go Launcher looks and feels very easily.

I can also adjust the size of objects like widgets and icons on the screen with Go launcher EX which is not possible with the default launcher in Android.

When using Go Launcher EX to scroll to different home screens, I notice that I'm less likely to accidentally open apps when scrolling to different home screens on Go Launcher EX since the Icons are not as tightly packed together, and I also like the extra launcher bar on the bottom of Go Launcher EX since it can be used to scroll to apps which I set on the bottom bar to use without requiring me to switch home screens.

File Expert, Best free File Manager App for Google Android

File Expert is one of the best File and folder management apps which let me explore, copy, cut, paste, and delete files and folders on my internal memory card, and MicroSD memory card.

I mainly use File Expert for sideloading Apps from my MicroSD Memory card.

File Expert also has s search feature which lets you search for files with the file name which you are searching for.

File Expert user interface is one of the most easy to use user interface I ever use for a file manager because it is very similar to desktop based file managers for desktop computers running Windows.

The Icon pictures and text on the icons are also easy to read, and click on. The design of the program is also very clean and modern themed.

Stopping Running Apps on Google Android devices with App Task Managers

Google Android can have a few background proccesses running after using your Tablet or Smart Phone for a long period of time. This is because some Apps like browsers, games, media players, are also open in the background, but you do not realize it because Android does not have a task bar, or system tray for displaying what is open when programs are minimize/hidden when you hit the home screen.

Task Managers like Free Advanced Task Manager are also useful if you can't find the exit/close button, or App which is playing music or video in the background, so you can continue with your work without being interrupted.

You can usually just use a Task Manager in Google Android Gingerbread and higher by going to the settings > Applications> Running Applications. Running Applications will display a list of running Applications which are usually safe to end if you want to. If you ended a system application which you want running, all you need to do is restart your Tablet or Smartphone by powering it off and powering it on again, and it would restart.

Some 3rd-party apps may also start up by default when you start your Google Android phone or Tablet, and you won't know unless you look in the settings for the program, or use the Task Manager in Google Android to find out what is running during start up. 3rd party apps which load during startup can cause slow downs for your tablet or smartphone if the App use lots of RAM and CPU cycles.

USB MicroSD card reader moves files from on PC to Android Tablet eReader quickly and easily

A USB MicroSD memory card reader like SanDisk SDDR-121-A11M MobileMate Micro Memory Card Reader (Red/Black) can be easily use to move files to your PC to your tablet very quickly and easily. Your Tablet or eReader does not even have to be powerded ON. All you need to do is insert your MicroSD memory card into your USB MicroSD memory card reader, and Windows, Mac, or Linux should recognize it by default and show a notification wizard which shows that your MicroSD memory card and reader are connected to your computers USB port.

MicroSD cards can be bought for very cheaply as well like under 5 dollars for a 4GB MicroSD card like Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter (BULK Packaging) which you can use over and over again when you buy a new phone or tablet.
This tutorial on MicroSD card reader also works with SmartPhones with a MicroSD card slot.

You just have to drag and drop or copy and paste the files which you want to transfer to your MicroSD Memory card, and wait for the copying to finish. Once the file copying and pasting is finished, you can eject/safely remove your MicroSD Card reader from your computer, and take out the MicroSD card from the Card reader, and insert it into your Tablet or eReaders MicroSD card reader slot by pushing it in until you hear a quiet click sound, or when it won't pop out.

February 28, 2012

Anti-Glare Screen Protector Mask Stops Reflection/Glare on Kindle Fire Tablets to improve viewability

Glare/Reflection from light sources like the sun, light bulbs, and florescent bulbs can make reading a Tablet very hard because the reflection from the light can make reading your Kindle Fire Tablet almost impossible because of the reflection from the light, and your own reflection.

Using an Anti-Glare Screen Protector like GreatShield EZseal Plus 100% Bubble Free Guaranteed Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector Film Mask for Kindle Fire can make reading in the sun a lot easier then without an anti-glare screen protector.

The Anti-Glare Screen Protector Mask also protects your Tablets from Fingerprints, Scratches, dust, and oil.

The matte surface of the screen protector reduce reflection, and it also has an anti-stain layer which reduces fingerprint and oils from being as visible.

The Screen protector Mask is only 0.188mm thick, so it won't make your Kindle Fire weigh or be a lot thicker, and would not be noticeable.

February 27, 2012

3.5mm Headphone Amplifier which use USB to charge internal battery

A 3.5mm headphone amplifier which is charged by USB power like FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier is great for increasing the sound volume and quality of headphone jacks on Tablets, eReaders, MP3 players, and other devices which uses the 3.5mm headphone jack type for plugging in 3.5mm headphones and speakers which are not very sensitive to your sound players headphone jack's sound signal.

A headphone amplifier works by increasing the electrical power of your sound signal to power your headphone or external speakers with better amplified sound.

Headphone Amplifiers are also very easy to use. You just plug your headphones into the amplifier jack for the headphones, and plug the amplifier into your MP3 player, and turn it on.

February 26, 2012

Make Tablet eReader headphone's external speaker's louder with cheap portable headphone amplifier

A 3.5mm headphone amplifier will boost the sound signal coming from your Tablet and eReader headphone jack, so you can hear it louder from your headphones.It does this by using electricity from the headphone amplifier to boost the electrical current for powering your headphone to reproduce sound.

An Example of a Headphone Amplifier is the Fiio E3 Headphone Amp which is powered by a single AAA battery with a battery life of 20 hours. It can increase the sound's volume for high impendence and low sensitivity headphones which are low without an amp. Amps for headphones will also increase your battery powered music players battery life because it means you can lower the volume on your music player or tablet eReader, and still be able to enjoy louder music at a lower volume because it is amplified with a headphone amplifier. It can also improve the bass and treble for your headphones to have a better listening experience. It only costs 7.50 US dollars on Amazon, but can make your Tablet, eReader, MP3 player, Netbook, Laptop, and other device with a 3.5mm headphone jack sound like a more expensive louder player.

February 25, 2012

Bundle Monster Synthetic Black Leather Case, Nice Affordable eReader case for Amazon Kindle 4 + Kobo Touch

Bundle Monster Synthetic Leather Case Cover Jacket is a nice looking, affordable and durable case which will protect your Kindle 4 and Kobo Touch eReader. It is also very light, easy to use, and portable.

The case looks very well built, and works great at protecting the back, and front of your eReader from scratches, and bumps when closed.

I like the design of the case since it reminds me of a book, or a journal, so it makes it less noticeable when you carry it out, and people won't spot your eReader as easily. The Bundle Monster's BM logo is nicely embedded into the case, so its logo won't fade, or peel off like paint or stickers. The Black color of the case is also a nice shade of black.

JVC Gumy Headphone, Loud Affordable Headphones for Kobo Vox eReader Tablet and other audio devices

 The JVC Gumy Headphones which I used for my Kobo Vox eReader Tablet works great as a pair of inexpensive headphones for listening to music, video, audiobooks, and Apps. They are also comfortable to wear, and fits nicely in my ear because they are made with a soft rubber gumy material. The best part is they only cost under 4 dollars on Amazon, so they are very affordable.

In my experience, the Gumy headphones louder and produce more natural sounding sound compared to other headphones I own, and used on the Kobo Vox.

The plug is also gold plated, so it looks nice, and provide better audio quality.

The length of the wires for the headphones is also pretty long, and flexible.

February 24, 2012

Universal Capacitive Stylus for Toucscreens on Phones + Tablet, Great Stylus Comes with Metal Box

Universal Capacitive Stylus made by Minisuit is a great stylus for Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet, Apple iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4/4s  Kobo Vox and other capacitive touchscreens.

The benefits of using a stylus is improve accuracy, faster typing then using one finger, no more fingerprints on your screen when using your Stylus, more comfortable to use, and protection from fingernail scratches.

The Stylus cost me 6.45 US dollars from Amazon which is a fair price since buying a capacitive stylus would probably cost me 10-20 dollars or more if I buy it at a regular store. It is also eligible for free shipping if you spend over 25 dollars on other purchases at Amazon. The Stylus also comes with a 60 day Warranty.

I wanted a Stylus for capacitive touch screen which is durable, comfortable, stylish, and affordable. The metal stylus box, pen clip on the end, and headphone jack holder are great accessories for the Stylus which made this Stylus totally worth it.

I been using the Universal Capacitive Stylus on my Kobo Vox eReader, and I notice using the Stylus makes typing on the onscreen keyboard, clicking links on websites, drawing, writing and playing games more easier since the Stylus is very responsive. I notice after using the Stylus my hand does not get as tired since I'm more used to holding a pen then using my fingers to control touchscreens, and I'm more likely to hold my Tablet in a more comfortable position like a pad of paper instead of by the edges when I am not using a Stylus.

February 22, 2012

Wipe Fingerprint marks on SmartPhone Tablet in seconds with No Liquids needed with a MicroFiber Clothe

I have been cleaning my screens on my Tablet, eReader, cell phone, and monitors with Microfiber Clothe to keep oily fingerprints off them.

You can usually find Microfiber clothe like Microfiber Wonder Cloths ( Set of 4) for a few dollars or more in dollar stores, or online. Microfiber clothes are a lot cheaper then those disposable screen wipes, and screen cleaning kits.

They are also lint free, so you won't have lint on your screen after wiping them like tissue paper, or won't scratch your screen like paper towels which is rougher.

February 21, 2012

A Neoprene cushioned case protects Netbook, Tablet, eReader, for under 5 dollars

A Neoprene Cushioned case like a Gorgeous Reversable Black & Red Neoprene Netbook Notebook Laptop Sleeve Cover Case which sometimes can be bought for a dollar at a dollar store in the electronics or bag section can protect your portable electronics like Netbooks, Tablet, eReaders, portable DVD player, and small video players for a dollar or a few dollars. You can always use it as a book bag when you plan on selling your Netbook, and don't own any small devices any more.

They are also more stylish, and don't attract as much attention as laptop bags, and briefcases since Neoprene cases look like book bags, so it won't be as attractive to robbers since it does not look expensive.

Cases also protect your entire netbook, or tablet from scratches, dents, dust, and bumps.

February 19, 2012

Tablet eReader bag more protection for Tablet when not in use

When you are not using your Tablet or eReader, it is best to put it into a soft bag like - Black Briefcase Case Bag Amazon KINDLE FIRE {+ 1pc name tag} to protect it from drops, liquid spills, dents and scratches. Plus, using a bag with handles or a strap to hold on to can make carrying your Tablet or eReader a lot easier to hold since handles and straps are better designed for holding.

The zipper bag will keep your Tablet from falling out of the bag, and keep people from looking inside your bag, so your stuff is more private when zippered up inside your tablet bag.
A Tablet eReader bag is also more stylish, and can be a good accessory for your outfit instead of holding a Tablet or eReader which looks technical and scientific which don't go well with what your wearing if you want to be fashionable when you are out.

February 18, 2012

Tablet eReader Case more comfortable to hold while protecting it

Using a eReader Tablet case like Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware, Pink to hold your Tablet or eReader can make your Tablet or eReader easier to hold since some cases are also padded, so they are not as hard, and softer on your hands then a back of a tablet which is hard, and have sharp corners in many cases.

Tablet cases have rounder corners sometimes which make them easier to hold. Also, the Tablet case usually use leather, rubber, and less slippery material then the back of a Tablet which uses metal, or plastic sometimes which can be slippery compared to rubber or leather. This means your Tablet is less likely to slip out of your hand if someone bumps into your hand while you are using it.

Some nicer cases also have a stand built-in to them making it possible to stand them up like a desktop monitor, or digital photo frame, so you can use both hands to play games and use your apps which can make games easier and more fun to play.

A Tablet case also protects the back, and front of the Tablet when closed. There are also some cases which protects your Tablets sides if it has a zipper.  More sturdy cases can also protect your Tablet from falls.

Many Tablet cases also have a pocket for credit cards, stylus, money, and paper which can make it handy for carrying around, and could replace your wallet, or purse if you also use your case to carry your ID, money, etc.

February 17, 2012

Side loading Apps, and Data onto Kobo Vox eReader Tablet

Side loading is the process of moving files from one computer to another via USB, MicroSD  Memory Card, or by using online storage.

The simplest way to sideload apps on the Kobo Vox is to use your  computer to send an e-mail to your e-mail account, and attach files to it like APK Android Installer files, MP3s, and other files.

Next you use your Kobo Vox's browser which has Wireless Wi-Fi internet to download your Apps and files to your Kobo Vox download section. After you downloaded all your files from the internet, you can install your Apps by opening the .APK file which is the Android installers apps for installing files.

Once you installed the App, and it works, you can delete the .apk file if you want.

You can also use a MicroSD memory card, or side load apps by connecting your Vox to your Computer with the .APK files, but you need to use a file manager like File Expert to find and open your files and find them. The MicroSD folder is MNT/EXTSD and the internal SD Card is found at MNT/SDCard folder.

If you want to organized your downloaded apps you need to use a file manager program like File Expert for Android which can be used to move, copy, and paste your files to different folders. You can also use File Expert to search, and make new folders on a MicroSD memory card or your internal memory card on your Vox eReader Tablet. File Expert also has Wi-Fi, and FTP features, so you probably can use the Wi-Fi file sharing, and FTP features to use the internet or wireless wifi connection to side load apps on other Tablets.

February 16, 2012

Tablet Stand for holding Tablet PCs + eReaders while you use it

Holding a Tablet, and eReader for hours can be kind of tiring since it stills require some strength to hold it in your hand with one hand.

A tablet stand like Targus Mini Stand Designed for Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi and WiFi + 3G, iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy AWE65US (Clear) also looks nicer and is more easy to keep your tablet standing up then using a box, and phone book to lean your Tablet against to keep it up right.

If you use your tablet like a laptop with a USB or bluetooth keyboard then using a stand will help you hold your tablet or ereader while you use both hands to type.

February 15, 2012

Adding Annotations + notes to ebooks loaded to Kobo Vox eBook eReader Tablet

Adding Notes also called Annotations to eBooks loaded on your eBooks loaded on the Kobo Vox eReader is very easy. All you have to do is hold down your finger on the page you want to Annotate, and highlight the text, and you have the option to add an Annotation with your on screen keyboard to your page and highlight the text.

February 14, 2012

MicroSD Memory Cards and readers for Android Tablets + eReaders like the Kobo Vox

A MicroSD memory card and card reader like KOBO VOX eReader more storage because you can copy all your  files you downloaded to your MicroSD memory card which you installed on your Tablet, or eReader.  The Kobo Vox supports a MicroSD memory card which is 32GB in size like Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Micro SD Card with MicroSD to SD adapter & Mobilemate Reader, but you can also use smaller sized MicroSD cards like 256MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16 GB. Generally, you can just use the card after you bought it since most memory cards are formatted to FAT16, or FAT32 which Google Android can read.

Some File Manager Apps like File Expert  which is useful for browsing, moving, and deleting files in Android and works similar to desktop file explorers/managers like Windows explorer.

You can also turn on your Tablet, and use its USB cord to connect your Tablet to your computer, and Android will automatically ask you if you want to use your Tablet in USB storage mode, and you click OK.

February 13, 2012

Drawing + Hand Writing with Kobo Vox Color eReader tablet

Tablet eReader like the Kobo Vox Color eReader has a capacitive touch screen which means you can use your fingers to draw, color, and write with more easily then using a ressitive touch screen which uses a plastic stylus. The 7 inch screen on the Kobo Vox is also big enough to draw on, but not to big that drawing on the go when you are out becomes a hassle like laptops, and bigger tablets which take up more space, and is harder to hold. The colors on the Kobo Vox are also very good, and you can adjust the brightness, so you can turn up the brightness when the sun is reflecting the screen too much, or when it is dark out. The Vox has a optimized screen for reading in sun light or bright places, so you can even draw when it is very bright out. With a backlit display found on the Vox, it means you can draw, paint, and read in the dark.

All you need is a drawing or painting App for Google Android likeDraw(er) Pro to draw on the Kobo Vox. You can download a few drawing App from Getjar, and other Android App marketplace.

Drawing and hand writing on the Vox color eReader is a fun activity to do when you are not reading, or playing games.

Plus, it feels more natural using my finger or capacitive stylus then using a mouse to draw, and I won't be using up all my laptops battery power just to draw or paint on MS Paint for fun.

February 10, 2012

How to Copy your Files to your Kobo Vox Color eReader - use it like a external hard drive.

The Kobo Vox Color eReader also lets you transfer your own files to its internal memory via USB, internet connection, wifi, or let you use an external MicroSD memory card up to 32 GB for adding more space on your Vox eReader.

You can also use your Vox to view and carry files around like a USB flash drive or external hard drive, but you need to remember to bring the USB data cable with you.

The main advantage of using your Vox to carry your files is you can also view and listen to them on your eReader, and you can take out the microSD card to conveniently and quickly transfer files to your PC or laptop, or other Tablet if you bought a microSD memory card and USB MicroSD Card reader.

The best way to add a lot of files to your Vox is with a MicroSD Memory card with USB card reader like Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Class 4 Memory Card & MicroSDHC Card Reader (Bulk)

All you need to do is use the MicroSD Memory card which is in the MicroSD card reader to copy files to your drive when connected to a USB port. When you are done copying your files on your computer to the MicroSD memory card you eject it from your computer and card reader, and insert your MicroSD card into your Kobo Vox's microSD memory card slot, and your Vox will detect it when you turn your Vox on.

Kobo Vox Social networking Instant Messaging Apps to chat

The Kobo Vox Color eReader uses Google Android, and it has an onscreen touch keyboard, so it is compatible with most popular social networking Apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus. You can search Kobo Vox Getjar marketplace, or sideload the .APK installer file for social networking sites via the internet, microSD or USB cable to install the social networking, and instant messaging Apps which you got from your Android Phone via Amazon App Store, or Google Android App store on your Vox.

You can use instant messaging and social networking Apps installed on your Vox to chat with your friends about your favourite books, etc you just read on the Vov. The Vox also supports E-mail for people who don't use chat and social networks.

February 9, 2012

Opening PDF files, ePub eBooks, Word Document, Excel Spreadsheets, Power Point files, E-mails on Kobo Vox eReader

The Kobo Vox can open eBooks from Kobo by default by downloading them from its website to your Vox. However, for Amazon, and Barnes and Noble eBooks you need to go to Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble app store or website to download and install their Apps for Google Android for reading eBooks from their store in your Vox.

The GetJar marketplace which is Kobo Apps store also has a few eBook reading Apps for Android which let you download free eBooks, or buy eBooks from third party eBooks stores which support Google Android.

If you have a lot of eBooks saved in PDF format, you'll need to download and install a PDF reader for Google Android which you can also find on GetJar.

You can also download a PDF readers for Android at Amazon like Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Reader for Android.

If you need to open .doc, .xls, .ppt files which are Word document, Excel spreadsheet, and Power Point Presentation files for Microsoft Office, you need to download and install a third party Office Suite App program for Android like OfficeSuite Pro 5 for Android which can Create, edit, and view MS Word and Excel documents, View PowerPoint and PDF files, and use Google Docs to access and manage files online.

You can also try using Google Docs to edit and create and view document and office files online, but you need a Gmail account, and an internet connection to use Google Doc's on your Kobo Vox's Web Browser.

February 7, 2012

How to convert your CD, DVD files like music, video to work on Kobo Vox via MicroSD memory Card

If you have a lot of content from CDs and DVDs like videos, music, pictures and documents, you need to use CD music ripping and DVD video ripping software to convert CD music and DVD video to work with the Kobo Vox eReader Tablet.

If you have Windows Media Player for Windows XP-7 on your Windows based computer, you can use its built-in CD ripping program to rip music tracks on a music CD to MP3 which will be saved on your PC hard drive. CDex is also a good free Music CD ripping software for Windows which you can download for free at cdexos.sourceforge.net/?q=download .

Unfortunately, if your CD is copy protected with Digital Right Management software also called DRM, you can't rip it in some cases, so you need to buy a non-DRM version of the CD, or buy MP3 formated music files which are not copy protected. However, most CDs are not DRM protected and can be easilty ripped.

When ripping your music from CDs, you should rip them as MP3 files, so they are compatible with your Vox and other devices like MP3 players, Tablets, and DVD Players which support MP3 playback.

February 6, 2012

Using the Kobo Vox as a Portable multimedia player for watching video on the GO!

The Kobo Vox  color eReader is great for viewing video with its 7 inch screen which is optimized for outdoor reading on a eReader tablet. The Vox is one of the fewest Tablets which can be bought for under 180 dollars when on sale, but features a capacitive touch screen with a bright display.

The Kobo Vox can also be used as a photo viewer when you are not using it to view video and music files on it.

The Kobo Vox supports 3GP; MP4; WEBM video file formats, and MP3; AAC; .3GP; MP4; M4A; FLAC; OGG; WAV; MID sound file formats. It also supports JPG; PNG; GIF; BMP picture file format.

All you need is the default media player app for your Vox, or a good media player like Meridian Player for Android which can open and play music and video files. You can also use media players from GetJar which is Kobo default App store.

You can use an Video or audio converter in Windows, Mac, or Linux to convert incompatible video, and audio formats like MKV, WMV, etc to compatible file formats like MP4, MP3, etc. MS paint or other photo editing software can be used to convert incompatible picture formats like Tiff to JPG. By using media file converter software and Image file editors, you can playback almost any file on the Vox as long as you convert it to a compatible file format which works on the Vox and other portable devices like Sony PSP, MP4 player, etc.

You can set the brightness of your Vox's screen higher when outdoors because of the reflection from the sun making the screen not as bright, but when in doors videos and photos look great even on low to medium brightness settings if you want to conserve battery power.

I recommend buying a 32GB MicroSD Card and MicroSD Card Reader like the Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Micro SD Card with MicroSD to SD adapter & Mobilemate Reader, so you can load it up with video and music files for playing back on the Kobo Vox to give you even more space from the default 8GB of space.
To save space on your Vox, it would be best to load Standard definition 360P-480P video on the memory card, or HD video files with a resolution of 720P or use the resolution of 1024 x 600 to encode your home movies for the Vox's native resolution. 192 KBps or lower KBps like 96-128 KBps MP3 would be best for audio playback. MP4, OGG, and MID video and sound file formats usually use less space and are high quality at lower bitrates.

February 5, 2012

Improving your Wi-Fi performance on your Kobo Vox color eReader!

The Kobo Vox Color eReader Wi-Fi adapter is very good. I can pick up Wi-Fi signals from a few houses a way. But, if you have a older wireless router which uses 802.11 b or g then you might be missing out on the high performance of 802.11N which the Kobo Vox's Wi-Fi adapter uses.

These tips will also improve the wireless performance and  wireless signal range for your laptop, computer, smartphone, gaming handheld, Tablet, eReaders, and other wireless devicess which uses Wi-Fi to go online, or network with other computers and devices.

This means streaming video to your Vox from your computer, or streaming video from your Vox to your laptop might be a lot slower since you are using an older version of Wireless networking which is 802.11 N which can acheive speeds up to 450Mbps vs 54Mbps with 802.11G or 11 Mbps with 802.11B.

If you have internet like Fibre Optic, T3, or higher end broadband internet, you'll notice a huge difference when using an 802.11G router like D-Link DIR-655 Extreme-N Gigabit Wireless Router which has a max speed of 450Mbps and better signal range then most older wireless router's. This mean you'll be able to surf the internet, stream video from your computer to your Vox with an App, or stream video from your Vox to your PC even when you are outside at super high speeds.
If you use your Vox to wirelessly share files with a laptop or desktop computer via an Wi-Fi sharing App, buying a 802.11N Wireless USB adapter like the D-Link DWA-130 Wireless-N USB Adapter  for your desktop and laptop can speed things up and extend the range of the signal instead of using slower wireless adapter which came with your PC or laptop. You can also use Internet Connection sharing to convert your Wired internet service into Wireless in Windows XP, Vista, and 7, so if you don't have access to wireless internet, but you have access to cable to DSL internet you can use Windows Internet Sharing Connection wizard to share your internet connection with your Kobo Vox and other Wi-Fi devices via ICS.

How to save Battery life power with Kobo Vox eReader Tablet

The Kobo Vox eReader tablet has pretty good battery life for eBook reading at about 7 hours. However, it uses more battery life when browsing the web, gaming, and video. These tips will also help you save battery life and improve performance on your smartphone, and other mobile devices.

These Tips on saving battery life power may also make your Kobo Vox slightly faster since turning off Widgets, and background programs free up your RAM,  and CPU cycle, so Apps, Games, and ebooks may load a little faster since it has more free RAM and CPU cycles to use.

Having less Apps and processes running in the background can also increase your Kobo Vox's overall stability meaning it is less likely to crash because of no free RAM or CPU Cycles when too many Apps are running in the background.

The first thing you can do is remove the Rdio, Kobo Book widget, Search, Clock, and all the Widgets and icons which you don't need on your home screens / multiple desktops by pressing on them and dragging the widgets to the trash can icon on the bottom. You can always re ad them later when you plan on using them. I notice the Widgets tend to use up a little bit of RAM and CPU cycles which may affect battery life and performance.

The Kobo Vox also does not need an antivirus since it uses Google Android which is one of the most secure mobile operating systems in the World because it is based on Linux which does not need an Anti-virus. A Google Android anti-virus made by antivirus companies will most likely just make your battery life worse, and slow down your Vox. If you just download apps from GetJar, Amazon App store, and trusted app stores you should be fine since these Apps stores check to see if Apps are safe. Also, read reviews on Apps before you download and install them on your Vox.

Third party launchers like GO Launcher EX, Launcher Pro, etc and third party keyboards like SlideIT can also use up some battery life since I notice they tend to use some RAM, and CPU cycles when on, and their animations, graphics, and special features may also make Android use more power.

The default App launcher and keyboard for Android should be good enough, and keep the Vox running fast without using as much power as third party launchers and keyboards.

Replacing Widgets with shortcuts can increase your battery life if the widget uses a lot of RAM and CPU cycles when being displayed on your home screens.

You can also set the Kobo Vox's reading apps like Pulse, and Notifications off in the book settings, and the book reading app you can set it to a list rather then a 3D book shelf which can use a little bit more power since 2D lists are simpler and usually use less power then 3D book shelfs.

Removing icons and shortcuts which you rarely use can also save you time, and some battery life since you can find the short cuts for apps which you use most often, and you won't have to scroll as much to find them.
Moving most of your most used apps to your Home Screen can also save a little bit of time and battery life since you are not switching screens as much to find them, so you can just launch them after your Vox has turned on, and start using your favorite apps rather then scrolling through the multiple home screen desktops to find the shortcut for your favorite apps.

In the Settings, you can go to your Display settings, and turn down the brightness to the lowest. The Kobo Vox color and brightness is still pretty readable at its lowest setting. You can also turn off the animation for your Vox's display when using the Vox.

You can also turn off Wireless/Wi-Fi in the settings when you are not using Wi-Fi to browse the web, play mobile games which require Wi-Fi for posting high scores or downloading updates. To Turn Wi-Fi back on you just go back into the settings for Wireless, and turn Wireless back on.

If you browse the web a lot, I recommend Opera Mini Web Browser when browsing text and image based website since Opera Mini can be set to compress images to a lower quality, so you don't use as much bandwidth and power to display websites. Except Opera Mini does not work for YouTube, and video sites, but is good enough for blogs, social networks, and other sites which are text and video based.

Dolphin Browser HD is a pretty fast and easy to use browser for YouTube, and more advance websites which have videos, games, and flash content.
When you plan on not using your Kobo Vox eReader for a few hours, it is best to turn it off by holding the power button until you see a pop up window to turn it off instead of Standby mode since Standby uses a little bit of power to keep your RAM powered up for faster start ups, but if you plan on using your Vox in a few minutes or less then Standby would be better since you won't have to wait for your Vox to start up from Off which could take one minute or more instead of a second from wake from standby when you press the power button. Standyby and power off are both better then leaving your Vox on, and not in use since the Vox could use a lot of power when it is on, and not in use.