February 10, 2012

Kobo Vox Social networking Instant Messaging Apps to chat

The Kobo Vox Color eReader uses Google Android, and it has an onscreen touch keyboard, so it is compatible with most popular social networking Apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus. You can search Kobo Vox Getjar marketplace, or sideload the .APK installer file for social networking sites via the internet, microSD or USB cable to install the social networking, and instant messaging Apps which you got from your Android Phone via Amazon App Store, or Google Android App store on your Vox.

You can use instant messaging and social networking Apps installed on your Vox to chat with your friends about your favourite books, etc you just read on the Vov. The Vox also supports E-mail for people who don't use chat and social networks.

You need to make an account on Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and other sites before you can use them to chat. Many of these social networks also have a mobile site which let you chat from within the web browser, so an App may not be needed, but is more convenient then opening a web browser, and typing in Twitter, Facebook, and other sites link in the address bar to login.

You can also be go directly to Twitter , Facebook, and other social networks to see if they have a download link to install the Apps to go on their site from an App. You can also use third party apps like imo instant messenger to chat with friends.

There are also Apps for Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live messenger, and Skype for Android which let you access your contact list to chat except you can't video chat on the Vox because there is no webcam, so you can't video chat, but you can still chat via instant message, or view the other persons webcam if they have a webcam on their pc, laptop, or tablet.

The Vox also comes with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Apps pre-install which run in your mobile web browser like the default web browser for your Vox, or third party web browsers like Dolphin Browser HD to run mobile versions of social networks, and web based instant messengers which are optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

If you need to access your e-mail, blog, forum, you can also use Dolphin Browser. Tumblr, and Blogspot also works on mobile web browser. I think the web browser will be the primary way most people chat with other online because every mobile tablet usually have a web browser these days, and using web apps does not require installation like native apps for Google Android.

The Kobo Vox also comes with an E-mail App, Gmail, and Contacts App which is useful for e-mail, and keeping your contacts organised.

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