February 29, 2012

Go Launcher EX, Great Alternative App launcher for Google Android

I have been using Go Launcher EX on my Kobo Vox eReader, and I like how easy it is to use for managing my App shortcuts/icons on its home screen compared to the default App launcher for the Kobo Vox which uses the Google Android Gingerbread Theme.

Custom Launcher Apps are the safest and easiest ways to customize your Google Android Tablet or Smartphone's user interface for its app launcher since if you do not like Go Launcher EX, you can just uninstall it, and you'll be using the default Google Android Launcher App Again.

You can also clear the data in Go Launcher App section in Application settings, and set Google Android Launcher to be the default Launcher again. It is also possible to set the Google Android Launcher as your default launcher after you installed Go Launcher EX, and use it when you want to.

I can select more then one App at a time to add to my home screen until my home screen is full. I also can add and remove homescreens which I do not use or want any more.

I also notice when using Go Launcher EX, changing to the next homescreen is also faster. There are also more animations for the home screens, so I can change the way Go Launcher looks and feels very easily.

I can also adjust the size of objects like widgets and icons on the screen with Go launcher EX which is not possible with the default launcher in Android.

When using Go Launcher EX to scroll to different home screens, I notice that I'm less likely to accidentally open apps when scrolling to different home screens on Go Launcher EX since the Icons are not as tightly packed together, and I also like the extra launcher bar on the bottom of Go Launcher EX since it can be used to scroll to apps which I set on the bottom bar to use without requiring me to switch home screens.

I like that Go Launcher also does not have any branding on it like the Launcher for the Kindle Fire, Kobo Vox, Barnes and Noble Nook Color Tablet.

One of the best features of Go Launcher EX, is it can be changed to portrait, and landscape mode for displaying my shortcuts for Apps which is not possible with the default launcher which came with the Kobo Vox.

The All Apps section on Go Launcher EX is also very nice since I can change the animation style, and it automatically goes back to the first page after I scrolled to the end, and want to go back to the first page. All I need to do is slick my finger forward, and I am back at the first page again.

Go Launcher EX also supports finger gesture shortcut for getting tasks done faster by moving your fingers a certain way.

There is also a Task Manager in Go Launcher EX for you to end unwanted tasks, or to see which tasks are running in the background.

Go Launcher EX also lets you installs Widgets from the internet to add more functionality to Go Launcher EX.

Go Launcher EX is a awesome alternative app launcher app for Tablets, Smartphones, and eReaders which are running Google Android like the Kobo Vox.

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