February 29, 2012

Stopping Running Apps on Google Android devices with App Task Managers

Google Android can have a few background proccesses running after using your Tablet or Smart Phone for a long period of time. This is because some Apps like browsers, games, media players, are also open in the background, but you do not realize it because Android does not have a task bar, or system tray for displaying what is open when programs are minimize/hidden when you hit the home screen.

Task Managers like Free Advanced Task Manager are also useful if you can't find the exit/close button, or App which is playing music or video in the background, so you can continue with your work without being interrupted.

You can usually just use a Task Manager in Google Android Gingerbread and higher by going to the settings > Applications> Running Applications. Running Applications will display a list of running Applications which are usually safe to end if you want to. If you ended a system application which you want running, all you need to do is restart your Tablet or Smartphone by powering it off and powering it on again, and it would restart.

Some 3rd-party apps may also start up by default when you start your Google Android phone or Tablet, and you won't know unless you look in the settings for the program, or use the Task Manager in Google Android to find out what is running during start up. 3rd party apps which load during startup can cause slow downs for your tablet or smartphone if the App use lots of RAM and CPU cycles.

 Third party Task Manager Apps for Android which are easier to use, and faster then the default Task Manager App in Android to also show Apps like e-mail, etc which are running which Android default task manager hides, or don't let you end. 3rd-party task manager may be more useful for people who are using slower tablets with 800MHz or slower CPU and 256MB of RAM running Google Android Froyo since you have more control on what Apps you want to end to free up your CPU and RAM. If you notice Apps crash a lot, or run slowly, you can try stopping running apps which you do not need anymore with a third party task manager for Android to free up RAM and CPU cycles, so your App you want to run have more free RAM and CPU cycles to use to run the App which may cause it to crash or time out less. I notice stopping un-needed tasks in the background sometimes help with reducing crashes and time outs with Cut The Rope game app on the Kobo Vox for me, and seems to make it load a bit faster and more reliably.

Task Managers also let me close apps which I closed, but are still running in the background because it is too slow to close, or froze. You can also use Task Managers to close programs which got frozen, so you don't need to restart Android.

3rd party Task Managers also has other useful features like Battery usage, CPU and RAM Usage meter, system information, space analyzer, and App uninstaller to uninstall 3rd-party apps which you installed, but never use, or are always running during start up. Most also make stopping all un-needed running processes with a click of a button, or checkboxes which save you time when stopping more then one APP.

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