February 29, 2012

USB MicroSD card reader moves files from on PC to Android Tablet eReader quickly and easily

A USB MicroSD memory card reader like SanDisk SDDR-121-A11M MobileMate Micro Memory Card Reader (Red/Black) can be easily use to move files to your PC to your tablet very quickly and easily. Your Tablet or eReader does not even have to be powerded ON. All you need to do is insert your MicroSD memory card into your USB MicroSD memory card reader, and Windows, Mac, or Linux should recognize it by default and show a notification wizard which shows that your MicroSD memory card and reader are connected to your computers USB port.

MicroSD cards can be bought for very cheaply as well like under 5 dollars for a 4GB MicroSD card like Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter (BULK Packaging) which you can use over and over again when you buy a new phone or tablet.
This tutorial on MicroSD card reader also works with SmartPhones with a MicroSD card slot.

You just have to drag and drop or copy and paste the files which you want to transfer to your MicroSD Memory card, and wait for the copying to finish. Once the file copying and pasting is finished, you can eject/safely remove your MicroSD Card reader from your computer, and take out the MicroSD card from the Card reader, and insert it into your Tablet or eReaders MicroSD card reader slot by pushing it in until you hear a quiet click sound, or when it won't pop out.

If you want to remove the MicroSD memory card, you just press down on the MicroSD card, and the card will eject out of the slot.

Once you turn on the Tablet, your Tablet would automatically recognize your MicroSD card, and you can use Apps to open the files in your MicroSD memory card.

Typically the files you put on the card will show up on your Apps like Music, Gallery, media players, etc.

Sometimes you may need to use a File Manager App like File Expert for Android to look in the MNT/EXTSD folder on your Android Tablet or eReader.

File Expert can also be used to copy your files on a MicroSD Memory card to your internal memory on Google Android, or copy files on Google Android to your MicroSD card. You can also use File Expert to search, make folder, delete, cut, rename files, and share files via Wi-Fi.

You can also transfer .apk apps which you downloaded from the internet from your computer to your Tablet, Smartphone, or eReader which runs Google Android to sideload apps by using your MicroSD card full of apps, and using Android to install them by clicking on the .APK files and using the Android App installer wizard to install them on your Android devices.

You may need to download an App which can read your file types like PDF,  DOC, PPT, etc.

It is best to use common file formats like txt, jpeg, gif, mp3, mp4, and not proprietary formats like PDF which was created by Adobe for Acrobat, or DOC which was invented by Microsoft for Word.

Note: In most cases, your MicroSD memory card will be formatted to FAT32 or FAT16, so Google Android, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems can read it. Do not format your card to NTFS, and newer file systems since not all operating systems can read memory cards formatted to NTFS, and NTFS is an indexing file system which can decrease the life of flash memory compared to FAT which is non-indexing. NTFS can also have permission problems in Windows which can cause you problesm when accessing your drive on different Windows computer, and it is not compatible with Windows 98 and older operating system.

A MicroSD Card and Card Reader for under 10 dollars can copy files to from your computer to your tablet in minutes, and is easy to insert into your Google Android Tablet or eReader to watch, listen, or sideload your files and apps.

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