February 14, 2012

MicroSD Memory Cards and readers for Android Tablets + eReaders like the Kobo Vox

A MicroSD memory card and card reader like KOBO VOX eReader more storage because you can copy all your  files you downloaded to your MicroSD memory card which you installed on your Tablet, or eReader.  The Kobo Vox supports a MicroSD memory card which is 32GB in size like Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Micro SD Card with MicroSD to SD adapter & Mobilemate Reader, but you can also use smaller sized MicroSD cards like 256MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16 GB. Generally, you can just use the card after you bought it since most memory cards are formatted to FAT16, or FAT32 which Google Android can read.

Some File Manager Apps like File Expert  which is useful for browsing, moving, and deleting files in Android and works similar to desktop file explorers/managers like Windows explorer.

You can also turn on your Tablet, and use its USB cord to connect your Tablet to your computer, and Android will automatically ask you if you want to use your Tablet in USB storage mode, and you click OK.

Now your tablet will act like a regular flash drive this means you can now copy your downloaded files like installer files, documents, pictures to your MicroSD card in Windows Explorer and other file managers. If you use Linux, or Mac, you can also use it to copy and paste files from your internal memory card on your Tablet to your MicroSD card memory card.

Once you are done, you can eject your Tablet USB storage like a regular USB drive, and turn off USB storage mode on your eReader or Tablet to use it as a regular Tablet again, or to just turn it off.

I recommend using File Manager apps to delete stuff in your download folder on your Tablet, or just use the Download App for Android once you moved your downloaded files from your internal memory card to your MicroSD memory card.

To access data on your memory card you installed on your computer, you need a file manager program, and open the mnt folder which will contain a folder which contains the folder for your internal SD card and MicroSD card.

The name of the external microSD memory card is extsd for the Vox, and it is found in the mnt folder. The name of the internal memory card folder in the Vox  is sdcard . Be careful not delete folders, and files on your sdcard which are related to Android, or installed Apps. Generally, it is safe to delete download files which you no longer need because you moved them to your MicroSD memory card or backed them up to your PC or laptop drive already when you connected your eReader to your computer.

After you moved all your document, download, picture, movie, music and other file types to your MicroSD, you'll have more space for installing Apps which mainly use your internal storage memory to install Apps to.

If you want to move a lot of files from your computer to your Vox, the quickiest way to move large amount of files are from a MicroSD card connected to your computer with a MicroSD memory card reader plugged into your USB port since you do not have to turn on your Vox, and wait for it to start up, and then switch on USB storage mode. All you do is plug in your USB microSD Card reader with your microSD card inside of it, and start copying files, and then eject your card reader like a regular USB drive, and take out the microSD card from your card reader, and insert it into your Vox's microSD card reader by sliding it in with the gold or silver metal contacts facing the back on the Vox, and the front of the card with the branding facing you, and you push in the card until you hear a click. To remove the MicroSD card, you push inward on the card until it pops out.

In the rare case, 32GB is not enough space to carry all your needed files, you can use more then one MicroSD Memory card for your Kobo Vox by carrying more then one memory card with you filled with files you also need to carry. You can also use multiple smaller files, but you need to take one out before you use the other ones. It is best to take out MicroSD memory cards when your Tablet is not ON to prevent data lost.

I recommend getting a MicroSD holder case like microSD Memory Card Holder micro8 for all your MicroSD cards if you need to carry more then one MicroSD cards with you when you are out, and you'll be less likely to lose or damage the card compared to carrying them in your pocket, or a small bag which is not recommended.

What do you use to carry your files around when you are out?

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