February 21, 2012

A Neoprene cushioned case protects Netbook, Tablet, eReader, for under 5 dollars

A Neoprene Cushioned case like a Gorgeous Reversable Black & Red Neoprene Netbook Notebook Laptop Sleeve Cover Case which sometimes can be bought for a dollar at a dollar store in the electronics or bag section can protect your portable electronics like Netbooks, Tablet, eReaders, portable DVD player, and small video players for a dollar or a few dollars. You can always use it as a book bag when you plan on selling your Netbook, and don't own any small devices any more.

They are also more stylish, and don't attract as much attention as laptop bags, and briefcases since Neoprene cases look like book bags, so it won't be as attractive to robbers since it does not look expensive.

Cases also protect your entire netbook, or tablet from scratches, dents, dust, and bumps.
I use a 8 inch Neoprene case to protect my 7 inch Tablet eReader. There are also cases which are 11 inches or bigger in size. I like how I can just open the flap on the top of the case, and pull my Tablet out in a few seconds to start using it which is a lot faster then my laptop bag which I need to unzip, and unstrap my laptop from the bag to lift out.

The case is also a good place to put my tablet on the top of the case to avoid scratching the back of the tablet on a table, or scratching the table with my tablet's back.

Neoprene cases are also stretchable, so they can fit thicker, and slightly longer netbooks, and items inside of it.

This also means, you can put a Tablet with a binder folio case into it, and still have plenty of room.

Holding a soft Neoprene case also seems more comfortable then a Tablet with hard sharp edges.

If you know how to sew, you can sew a short strap on to the sides of the case to turn it into a purse, or small briefcase. You can also very easily decorate the case with fabric paint, sew on badges, glue ornaments onto it. Cases also come in many different colors, and if there are no colors you like, you can always sew or glue a different color fabric, or material onto the outside of the neoprene case to make it the color or material you want while still having the soft neoprene case protecting your electronics inside of it for only a dollar or more.

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