February 29, 2012

File Expert, Best free File Manager App for Google Android

File Expert is one of the best File and folder management apps which let me explore, copy, cut, paste, and delete files and folders on my internal memory card, and MicroSD memory card.

I mainly use File Expert for sideloading Apps from my MicroSD Memory card.

File Expert also has s search feature which lets you search for files with the file name which you are searching for.

File Expert user interface is one of the most easy to use user interface I ever use for a file manager because it is very similar to desktop based file managers for desktop computers running Windows.

The Icon pictures and text on the icons are also easy to read, and click on. The design of the program is also very clean and modern themed.

Using File Expert is also very fast. I can very easily create new folders, and search for files in File Expert with only a few clicks.

I can also use File Expert Wifi sharing option to share files with other wireless computers and phone by using my Tablets Wi-Fi features.

You can also use Bluetooth to connect to other Bluetooth devices like laptops and phones to share files with each other.

File Expert also supports Box.Net, and DropBox cloud online storage for accessing and downloading your files on online storage services.

With all theses sharing options on File Expert File Manager, it means you don't need to use a desktop computer to manage your files and folders, organize your files, share your files, and do basic operations like new folder, copy, paste, cut and delete. You can do it all from your Google Android Smartphone, Tablet, and eReader which will save you time, and does not require a USB cable like using your computer to manage your files and folders on your phone or tablet running Google Android.

Best of all, File Expert is free, and has very high reviews on Amazon.

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