February 9, 2012

Opening PDF files, ePub eBooks, Word Document, Excel Spreadsheets, Power Point files, E-mails on Kobo Vox eReader

The Kobo Vox can open eBooks from Kobo by default by downloading them from its website to your Vox. However, for Amazon, and Barnes and Noble eBooks you need to go to Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble app store or website to download and install their Apps for Google Android for reading eBooks from their store in your Vox.

The GetJar marketplace which is Kobo Apps store also has a few eBook reading Apps for Android which let you download free eBooks, or buy eBooks from third party eBooks stores which support Google Android.

If you have a lot of eBooks saved in PDF format, you'll need to download and install a PDF reader for Google Android which you can also find on GetJar.

You can also download a PDF readers for Android at Amazon like Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Reader for Android.

If you need to open .doc, .xls, .ppt files which are Word document, Excel spreadsheet, and Power Point Presentation files for Microsoft Office, you need to download and install a third party Office Suite App program for Android like OfficeSuite Pro 5 for Android which can Create, edit, and view MS Word and Excel documents, View PowerPoint and PDF files, and use Google Docs to access and manage files online.

You can also try using Google Docs to edit and create and view document and office files online, but you need a Gmail account, and an internet connection to use Google Doc's on your Kobo Vox's Web Browser.

I predict Microsoft will someday release an Android version of Microsoft Office if enough Windows and Mac users who use Microsoft Office on their PC and Mac also uses Google Android. Microsoft also has a web based version of Microsoft Office which is called Office 365 which can edit and create Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Power Point Presentations, and other MS Office files.

ZoHo Office also has an online cloud based programs for opening and creating document files online.

The Kobo Vox can open HTML, .RTF, .TXT, and .JPEG files by default without any extra software.Jpeg is useful for copying and pasting text and images to a blank image file which is 1024x600 in size which is the resolution of the Vox's screen. The disadvantage of using Jpeg is you can't select and copy text like document formats.

To side load your document files on your Vox, you can use a MicroSD Memory card and reader like Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Class 4 Memory Card & MicroSDHC Card Reader (Bulk), or the Vox's USB cable, or just upload your files to an online storage site like MediaFire, DropBox, Google Docs, etc, and manually download them via a web browser. There are also Apps which may let you upload files to and from your Vox via Wi-Fi.

Sometimes you may need a File manager program to find your document files on your Vox if your office app does not have a file explorer, I recommend File Expert since it is easy to use. You can also use the search App on your Kobo Vox to search for files via the search.

For accessing e-mails, you can use the Vox's bundled E-mail and Gmail App, Dolphin Web Browser HD or other web Browsers for android to access E-mail from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and other web mail services. In GetJar there are also some Apps which let you access your E-mail from Apps for Hotmail, Yahoo mail, and Gmail. You need to be online to reply to e-mails.

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