February 13, 2012

Drawing + Hand Writing with Kobo Vox Color eReader tablet

Tablet eReader like the Kobo Vox Color eReader has a capacitive touch screen which means you can use your fingers to draw, color, and write with more easily then using a ressitive touch screen which uses a plastic stylus. The 7 inch screen on the Kobo Vox is also big enough to draw on, but not to big that drawing on the go when you are out becomes a hassle like laptops, and bigger tablets which take up more space, and is harder to hold. The colors on the Kobo Vox are also very good, and you can adjust the brightness, so you can turn up the brightness when the sun is reflecting the screen too much, or when it is dark out. The Vox has a optimized screen for reading in sun light or bright places, so you can even draw when it is very bright out. With a backlit display found on the Vox, it means you can draw, paint, and read in the dark.

All you need is a drawing or painting App for Google Android likeDraw(er) Pro to draw on the Kobo Vox. You can download a few drawing App from Getjar, and other Android App marketplace.

Drawing and hand writing on the Vox color eReader is a fun activity to do when you are not reading, or playing games.

Plus, it feels more natural using my finger or capacitive stylus then using a mouse to draw, and I won't be using up all my laptops battery power just to draw or paint on MS Paint for fun.

The benefits of using a Tablet to draw, and write is you don't need paint, and paper. If you have an wireless internet connection, you can also quickly upload your drawing or hand writing to Twitter, Facebook, or your blog without needing to scan it to your computer, and upload, or you can transfer your image file to your PC via USB, and upload it to your computer if you don't have Wi-Fi.

There is also an undo, and eraser function for most drawing and painting apps which is not possible in real life painting since once paint touches the paper it is permanent.

Sharing your images is also very easy by using social networking sites like DeviantArt, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, picture video slideshow on YouTube, etc, so sharing your digital drawings and paintings online is also very easy.

You can also use MS Paint, Photoshop, and more advance image editors on your computer to edit them even more, or print them with your computer's printer.

You can also sell them on your own website for cash.

You also don't need a scanner to scan your drawings into your computer like traditional paintings which are paint based.

Drawing on a tablet is also a lot cleaner then using real paint and paper, and you won't drip paint onto your desk when using painting apps on your tablet.

You can also use your existing pictures as backgrounds to draw stuff on them to share.

Most of the App work pretty similar to MS Paint, but without the more advance features like shapes, cut, copy, and paste found in Desktop Paint programs.

You can also use drawing Apps for hand writing, and save your file as a image file. There also might be some apps which let you convert your hand writing to text.

For more detailed pictures, or to write more neatly, I recommend getting a Capacitive Stylus like AmazonBasics Capacitve Stylus for Touchscreen Devices for drawing and writing more neatly since using your fingers to draw and write on a drawing App might not turn out very well if you have shaky hands or big fingers.

A plastic stylus for resistive touch screens won't work since the Kobo Vox uses a capacitive screen, so you need to use a capacitive stylus. A Capacitive Stylus is typically made of metal, and has a rubber tip to transfer your hands static electricity to your capacitive screen.

You also want to get a a stand like Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Tablets for the Kobo Vox if you are serious about drawing since it helps with keeping your Tablet steady while you draw or write on its screen with a stylus. It also is more comfortable then holding your tablet for long periods of time while you draw. A stand will also help you with other activities like reading, watching movies, gaming, and doing other tasks for long periods of time.

Do you like to draw with your Tablet and touch screen device or on your computer?

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