May 24, 2012

Bundle Monster Kindle 4 Kobo Touch folio binder case with Magnetic Strap

The Bundle Monster Kindle 4 and Kobo Touch eReader case is a nice eReader case made of synthetic leather which protects the back and top of your eReader from scratches, and bumps. It also has a magnetic strap to make fastening and unfastening the case very easy, and it does not wear out like a button or Velcro straps.

The case is very nicely made with synthetic leather, and it is well sewed together. I also like that there is a BM logo which is embedded into the back of the case, so the logo won't fade off like paint logos.

I like that the case looks like a journal book, so it adds some style to your eReader, and makes it different from all the other eReaders without cases.

The magnet on the case is also very strong, and keeps the case cover from flying open even if you shake the case hard.

Installing the Kindle 4 and Kobo Touch into the case is easy since there are 4 straps (2 elastic and 2 leather straps on the inside.

On the back of the cover, there are two pockets for carrying paper, bookmarks, and credit cards. The inside of the case is made of felt, so it won't scratch your eReader.

Bundle Monster case is very thin, and light, so it won't add a lot of extra weight and thickness to your eReader. This also makes it easy for you to carry the case in your bag, purse, or school bag.

Case Crown Hard Case with Zipper and stand add-on for Kobo Vox Color eReader Tablet

I have been using the Case Crown Hard Case which also has a zipper and stand add-on for it. I like that it is made of hard plastic, and is easy to clean since the plastic is smooth, so it is easy to wipe off fingermarks on the case compared to leather cases.

I got the Navy Blue version of the case, and it has worked very well, and it still looks like new after using it for a month on a daily basis. The zipper still works great, and the hard blue shell still looks like new, and the case tablet fastening straps elasticity are very strong.

This case also makes my Kobo Vox different from all the other Kobo Vox without hard shelled leather cases, and expresses my personality and style very well because the case is hard and zippered.

The zipper Case also has a pocket for storing a cleaning cloth some paper, credit and business cards. It is also easy to install and remove the Kobo Vox eReader Tablet because there are two elastic straps on the top, and two leather straps on the bottom. The straps also don't block the view of the screen.

I can also still access the charging, MicroSD memory card slot and headphone port, and the case does not block the volume, and power button.

The inside of the case is also cushioned, so it also protects the Kobo Vox from drops, and dents.

Black Neoprene Foam Case for Netbooks and Tablets

A Neoprene Case is a good, and inexpensive case for carrying your Netbook, Tablet, eReader, and thin devices and things like books when you are out.

You can usually get one for a dollar or more from Amazon, eBay, or even your local dollar store.

I like Neoprene cases because they are pretty durable, and made from soft and stretchable materials, so it will keep your netbook and other thin devices clean and protected from scratches, and scuff marks.

Neoprene cases also comes in a bunch of sizes like 11 inches and bigger. When you are not using them, you can also easily put them away in your purse, school bag, drawer, and other place because they are flexible, and small.

Most Neoprene cases are also easy to open and close since its top is easy to open, and close with one hand.

For less then a few dollars, you can use a soft, flexible, and durable Neoprene foam Case to protect your devices from scratches dents and other types of damage. I use one to protect my 7 inch eReader Tablet on a daily basis.

May 17, 2012

Starting your HP 1720n desktop computer from a Ubuntu 12.04 USB live start up flash drive

To start your computer from a USB flash drive, you usually need to setup your computer to look for a USB flash drive plug into your computer USB port.

For the HP a1720n desktop, and other models of desktop and laptops made by HP, there is a boot manager which you can access by hitting the ESC key on the top left of your keyboard after you turned on your computer with your USB flash drive plug into a USB port.

I used the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system to load onto my USB drive, Ubuntu has a built-in USB startup disk creator, or you can use UnetBootin which works for Windows, Linux, and Mac to make a boot USB drive to start your computer from. Both the Ubuntu USB start up drive, and UnetBootin are easy to use step by step visual based programs, so using them to make USB flash drives for starting to Ubuntu is simple. You need a USB flash drive with at least 1GB in storage capacity.

After, you launch the boot manager in your HP computer, use the arrow keys on the far bottom right of your keyboard to select your USB drive which is usually the brand of your USB drive, and not WD, Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, and Samsung which usually make hard drives.

Once you highlighted your USB drive, you press the arrow keys to begin the start up.

In Ubuntu, you can choose to Try Ubuntu or Install it. I recommend trying it out before installing it to see if Ubuntu is the right operating system for you.

I used Patriot Xporter XT Boost USB Drive  for this tutorial.

I used the Patriot Xporter XT Boost because it is one of the fastest USB 2.0 flash drive, so  it will start Ubuntu faster, and make it run faster compared to using a older and slower USB 1.1 to 2.0 drive.