May 24, 2012

Case Crown Hard Case with Zipper and stand add-on for Kobo Vox Color eReader Tablet

I have been using the Case Crown Hard Case which also has a zipper and stand add-on for it. I like that it is made of hard plastic, and is easy to clean since the plastic is smooth, so it is easy to wipe off fingermarks on the case compared to leather cases.

I got the Navy Blue version of the case, and it has worked very well, and it still looks like new after using it for a month on a daily basis. The zipper still works great, and the hard blue shell still looks like new, and the case tablet fastening straps elasticity are very strong.

This case also makes my Kobo Vox different from all the other Kobo Vox without hard shelled leather cases, and expresses my personality and style very well because the case is hard and zippered.

The zipper Case also has a pocket for storing a cleaning cloth some paper, credit and business cards. It is also easy to install and remove the Kobo Vox eReader Tablet because there are two elastic straps on the top, and two leather straps on the bottom. The straps also don't block the view of the screen.

I can also still access the charging, MicroSD memory card slot and headphone port, and the case does not block the volume, and power button.

The inside of the case is also cushioned, so it also protects the Kobo Vox from drops, and dents.
The Case Crown hard case is also not very thick or heavy even with the Kobo Vox inside of it, so you can easily put it in a purse, school bag, shopping bag, etc. I also like the design of the Case Crown case with the circular pattern on the hard plastic shell. The zipper is also very nice, and easy to zip and unzip. I like the zippers metal chrome tab because it is long enough where it is easy to pull, and there is a nice Crown logo on the tab.

One of the most convenient features of the Case is that it has a Velcro stand attachment which you can attach to the inside of the case which let you turn your Case Crown Case as a Tablet stand for the Kobo Vox, so you can put it on the stand to watch long videos without holding the Vox upright in a portrait or landscape mode.

This case also can protect your Kobo Vox from light liquid spills since it is made of plastic, and plastic does not absorb water like clothe.

The Case Crown Case has worked great for me as a Hard shell plastic case because it protects my Kobo Vox's top, bottom, and sides when it is fully zippered up unlike non-zipper folio/binder cases which only protect the bottom and top of the case with a cover which is fastened with a magnetic/button strap which is not as secure as a zipper case.

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