September 26, 2010

Changing Cable Splitters and cables for better TV reception sharing a cable connection!

Recently, I change my coax TV cable splitter for me TV cable which I am sharing with my other TV. It was an RG 6 coax splitter which I bought from Monoprice. The splitter was a lot better then the $1 splitter now my TV is more clearer and has less static while watching TV. The sound also improve. I no longer hear static and cracking sounds coming out from my speakers while watching TV. The new splitter cost only 5 dollars, but it was totally worth it. I did not even have to change my cables. I am using my old RG 59 cables, and my TV channels look great on most channels, or the static is not as noticeable compared to the past when I was using my poorer quality cable splitter which made channels unclear and the sound bad.

By changing to a more high quality splitter, you can also reduce or eliminate pixelation/those annoying boxes which show up on your digital cable, HDTV channels, digital satellite, or HDTV antennae channels since high quality splitter has less signal lose compared to low quality ones. Also, make sure to get an RG 6 cable splitter which is rated for up to 5-2400+ MHz frequency.

In the ideal situation, it is best not to use splitters, and have your TV cable directly plug into the cable outlet. But, if you need to share one cable connection, you might as well buy a quality coax cable splitter.

September 19, 2010

Stop lost of small files due to hard drive crashes, software, or other problems!

Ever lost a small files like your resume, homework, photos, MP3s, etc when your computer crashes? A few years back, I lost a animated clip which I spent days to make, and it was gone because my hard drive crashed if only I backed it up to a floppy or CD, but I did not own a cd burner back then.

These days most modern computers, laptops, and netbooks have Memory Card readers which can read a many kinds of different memory card formats like SD, Sony Memory Stick,  Compact Flash, and Smart Media.

Built-in memory card reader on computers can be used to backup and move files to and from computers like floppy drives, but without the noise, slowness, and regular maintenance of mechanical floppy drive like in the 1980s-1990s because Memory card readers are digital with no moving parts to maintain or replace.

Memory card readers and memory cards are great for storing files which are under 4GB in size since 4GB SD memory cards only cost about 5 dollars or less online if you buy them from Ebay or Amazon.

My memory card reader on my desktop computer by HP is almost 4 years old, and it works great.

September 9, 2010

Tips to Prevent Lost of Homework because of Power Outage

Ever had a power outage which made you lose all your homework, or work because you forgot to press the save button before there was a power outage? It happens to most of us, we work on our homework, or work, and suddenly there is no power. All our work is gone forever!

What you need is an Uninterrupted Power Supply also called a UPS which usually looks like a big box with places to plug in your computer and electronics.

A UPS is basically a power bar with battery back up. When there is a power outage, the UPS starts up and supplies battery power to your computer, monitor, and other devices it is plug into the UPS.