September 19, 2010

Stop lost of small files due to hard drive crashes, software, or other problems!

Ever lost a small files like your resume, homework, photos, MP3s, etc when your computer crashes? A few years back, I lost a animated clip which I spent days to make, and it was gone because my hard drive crashed if only I backed it up to a floppy or CD, but I did not own a cd burner back then.

These days most modern computers, laptops, and netbooks have Memory Card readers which can read a many kinds of different memory card formats like SD, Sony Memory Stick,  Compact Flash, and Smart Media.

Built-in memory card reader on computers can be used to backup and move files to and from computers like floppy drives, but without the noise, slowness, and regular maintenance of mechanical floppy drive like in the 1980s-1990s because Memory card readers are digital with no moving parts to maintain or replace.

Memory card readers and memory cards are great for storing files which are under 4GB in size since 4GB SD memory cards only cost about 5 dollars or less online if you buy them from Ebay or Amazon.

My memory card reader on my desktop computer by HP is almost 4 years old, and it works great.

I like using SD cards to store my smaller files like my resume, power point files, etc since SD cards are the cheapest in my experience.

I find using memory cards are more convenient then USB drives since I do not have to turn them on if it is an external hard drive, or remove other USB devices, so I can plug in my USB flash drive since most USB flash drive tend to take up a lot of space and sometimes block neighboring USB ports which are being used by other USB devices like mics, webcams, headsets, etc.

If you do not have a Card reader for your computer, you can buy  a USB card reader for your computer, for about 10 dollars on the internet. If you own a very old memory card reader, you may want to buy a new one since some older memory card readers can only use cards which are under 4GB in size.

If you are more tech savvy, you can install an internal Memory card reader for your desktop computer.

What I like about using memory cards for saving my smaller files is they don't need to be turned on like external hard drives, I can just leave them inside the reader since they do not take up a lot of space like USB flash drives. Plus, there are no cables, and USB connectors which break after inserting and removing it from it from USB ports too many times. Lastly, you can use the SD card for your camera when you run out of space on your cameras SD card or the internal memory.

I also recommend buying a plastic SD memory card case

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