April 25, 2012

Voice chatting for beginners with a 3.5mm microphone for PC

Voice chatting is very convenient since you don't have to type while you chat with someone like Instant messaging, so your hands are free to do something else like folding Landry, origami,  and other tasks.

It is also cheaper then using your cell phone since Voice chatting on Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Voice, YIM, AIM, etc are free compared to paying by the minute for cell phone voice service. All you need is a broadband internet connection like DSL, Cable, or better internet.

Most computers and laptops have a 3.5 mm microphone jack which is usually pink, and found on the front, back, or side of your computer. The plug usually have a small mic symbol close to it. All you have to do is plug in your Mic, and turn on your computer to start using your mic for voice chat on programs like Skype, YIM, AIM, Ventrillo, Team Speak, BlogTV, UStream, and other voice programs.

Most laptops these days have a built-in mic, but if you are using a desktop, or older laptop without a webcam with a microphone, you'll need a 3.5mm microphone like the Cyber Acoustic 3.5mm Stick PC Mic with an adjustable arm and on/off button.

You can also use Google+ to start a hangout to voice chat with your friends on Google's newest social network.

In some cases, you need to configure your mic to work properly with Windows, Linux, and other OS and your voice chat programs like Skype.

You can click on the speaker icon found on the system tray to increase and decrease the sensitivity of your mic, and make sure it is not muted.

April 13, 2012

Video on Kobo Vox eBooks, Video playback, web browsing, games, Apps

I made a video on how the Kobo Vox eReader Tablet performs as a color eBook reader, portable video media player, web browsing, and casual gaming.

I been using the Kobo Vox to use as my source for entertainment and information for a few months by using it to read ebooks, play video, browse the web, and play games.

I enjoy using the Kobo Vox because it is portable, and a fast tablet for under 200 dollars. The battery life also pretty good at up to 7 hours when reading eBooks. The Vox's storage space is also easy to upgrade by just inserting an empty MicroSD card up to 32GB in space.

The 7 inch 1024 x 600 resolution screen is also displays HD online streaming and offline video great, and I can watch it outside because the Vox has a FFS coating which makes it easier to view outside with less glare, and reflection.

April 12, 2012

Camera for recording Videos for YouTube, Kodak Zi8 Digital video Camera

The Kodak Zi8 Digital Camcorder is my first HD and portable video camera which I use for YouTube computer hardware tutorial videos at youtube.com/johnsonyip1, and for recording digital video cameras. I mostly record and upload files in 480P widescreen which is like DVD quality video, and has a smaller video file for uploading to YouTube, and won't take hours to upload a HD 720P to 1080P video. However, if you have fast upload speeds, you can record and upload 1080P video which you recored with the Kodak Zi8 which can record in 720P, 720P 60 frame per seconds, and 1080P video. You can also use your own SD memory cards, so you can use a 2GB SD card, 8GB or 16GB SD card depending on your video quality and length of video. The microphone quality of the audio the Zi8 records is pretty good for a portable camera since it is clear and picks up my voice well.

The Kodak Zi8 also has a removable battery, so you can use more then one battery to power the Zi8 which means you can swap out a empty battery, and insert a full battery to continue recording videos. Charging the battery is pretty easy. All you need to do is plug in the power adapter to the wall power into the camera and it charges. The battery life is also pretty good. It lasts a few hours before it needs charging.

One of the best features of the Kodak Zi8 is it has a built-in USB port which means once you connect the Zi8 to your PC or laptop, you can upload your video to YouTube at once, or use a video editing software like Windows Live Movie Maker, iMovie, etc to edit the Mov file which is the video file format the Zi8 uses.

April 8, 2012

Video of MiniSuit Capacitive Stylus in Action!

See how great the Mini Suit Capacitive Stylus is to use on a Capacitive Touchscreen which the iPad, Blackberry Playbook, and most newer smartphones uses, and how fast, accurate and smooth it is when I use it on my Kobo Vox Capacitive Touch Tablet for playing games, opening apps, and scrolling through home screens by just using a Capacitive Stylus.

A Capacitive Stylus has a rubber tip, so it won't scratch your screen like hard and sharp fingernails, rings, and hand/arm jewelry.

It also feels more natural holding a pen then sliding your fingers on a glass screen. You also won't have to wipe fingerprints, sweet, and dust from your hand when you use a stylus since a stylus does not dirty your screen as much as your hands which has oil and other stains and dirt on it.

I been using the Capacitive touchscreen stylus by MiniSuit for a few months, and it works great for pointing, playing games, and doing a bunch of other tasks. It is also very light, so it is easy to use for long periods of time without tiring my hand.

It is also nicely designed with a black matte finish, a silver pen clip, and a headphone plug for hanging the stylus on an empty headphone jack found on most Tablets.

It also comes with an attractive brushed finish silver metal box with foam padding inside to protect your stylus when you are not using it on your Tablet, Smartphone, and other Capacitive Touchscreen device.