April 8, 2012

Video of MiniSuit Capacitive Stylus in Action!

See how great the Mini Suit Capacitive Stylus is to use on a Capacitive Touchscreen which the iPad, Blackberry Playbook, and most newer smartphones uses, and how fast, accurate and smooth it is when I use it on my Kobo Vox Capacitive Touch Tablet for playing games, opening apps, and scrolling through home screens by just using a Capacitive Stylus.

A Capacitive Stylus has a rubber tip, so it won't scratch your screen like hard and sharp fingernails, rings, and hand/arm jewelry.

It also feels more natural holding a pen then sliding your fingers on a glass screen. You also won't have to wipe fingerprints, sweet, and dust from your hand when you use a stylus since a stylus does not dirty your screen as much as your hands which has oil and other stains and dirt on it.

I been using the Capacitive touchscreen stylus by MiniSuit for a few months, and it works great for pointing, playing games, and doing a bunch of other tasks. It is also very light, so it is easy to use for long periods of time without tiring my hand.

It is also nicely designed with a black matte finish, a silver pen clip, and a headphone plug for hanging the stylus on an empty headphone jack found on most Tablets.

It also comes with an attractive brushed finish silver metal box with foam padding inside to protect your stylus when you are not using it on your Tablet, Smartphone, and other Capacitive Touchscreen device.

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