September 9, 2010

Tips to Prevent Lost of Homework because of Power Outage

Ever had a power outage which made you lose all your homework, or work because you forgot to press the save button before there was a power outage? It happens to most of us, we work on our homework, or work, and suddenly there is no power. All our work is gone forever!

What you need is an Uninterrupted Power Supply also called a UPS which usually looks like a big box with places to plug in your computer and electronics.

A UPS is basically a power bar with battery back up. When there is a power outage, the UPS starts up and supplies battery power to your computer, monitor, and other devices it is plug into the UPS.
This saves  you a lot of valuable time by being able to save your work before you turn off the power.

Most UPS devices also come with surge protection with protect your computer from damaging power surges and spikes which can make your computer broken beyond repair.

If you have a laptop, you don't really need a UPS, but a UPS can extend your battery life on your laptop especially if your laptop has very poor battery life when not plug into the wall.

A UPS works for both laptop and desktop computers.

I don't recommend plugging in a Laser printer, Tube Monitor, or any other high powered devices into a UPS since it will drain your battery very quickly.

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