May 24, 2012

Bundle Monster Kindle 4 Kobo Touch folio binder case with Magnetic Strap

The Bundle Monster Kindle 4 and Kobo Touch eReader case is a nice eReader case made of synthetic leather which protects the back and top of your eReader from scratches, and bumps. It also has a magnetic strap to make fastening and unfastening the case very easy, and it does not wear out like a button or Velcro straps.

The case is very nicely made with synthetic leather, and it is well sewed together. I also like that there is a BM logo which is embedded into the back of the case, so the logo won't fade off like paint logos.

I like that the case looks like a journal book, so it adds some style to your eReader, and makes it different from all the other eReaders without cases.

The magnet on the case is also very strong, and keeps the case cover from flying open even if you shake the case hard.

Installing the Kindle 4 and Kobo Touch into the case is easy since there are 4 straps (2 elastic and 2 leather straps on the inside.

On the back of the cover, there are two pockets for carrying paper, bookmarks, and credit cards. The inside of the case is made of felt, so it won't scratch your eReader.

Bundle Monster case is very thin, and light, so it won't add a lot of extra weight and thickness to your eReader. This also makes it easy for you to carry the case in your bag, purse, or school bag.

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