February 24, 2012

Universal Capacitive Stylus for Toucscreens on Phones + Tablet, Great Stylus Comes with Metal Box

Universal Capacitive Stylus made by Minisuit is a great stylus for Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet, Apple iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4/4s  Kobo Vox and other capacitive touchscreens.

The benefits of using a stylus is improve accuracy, faster typing then using one finger, no more fingerprints on your screen when using your Stylus, more comfortable to use, and protection from fingernail scratches.

The Stylus cost me 6.45 US dollars from Amazon which is a fair price since buying a capacitive stylus would probably cost me 10-20 dollars or more if I buy it at a regular store. It is also eligible for free shipping if you spend over 25 dollars on other purchases at Amazon. The Stylus also comes with a 60 day Warranty.

I wanted a Stylus for capacitive touch screen which is durable, comfortable, stylish, and affordable. The metal stylus box, pen clip on the end, and headphone jack holder are great accessories for the Stylus which made this Stylus totally worth it.

I been using the Universal Capacitive Stylus on my Kobo Vox eReader, and I notice using the Stylus makes typing on the onscreen keyboard, clicking links on websites, drawing, writing and playing games more easier since the Stylus is very responsive. I notice after using the Stylus my hand does not get as tired since I'm more used to holding a pen then using my fingers to control touchscreens, and I'm more likely to hold my Tablet in a more comfortable position like a pad of paper instead of by the edges when I am not using a Stylus.

Stylus are primarily design to be pointing devices instead of drawing and writing tools, but if you have patience and a steady hand, you can use Stylus for drawing.

I notice using a Stylus to draw and write on a touch screen is easier then my finger because using a Stylus to draw and write feels more natural.

I don't have to worry about wearing gloves, and not being able to use my capacitive touchscreen since the Stylus still works even if I wear gloves. Using a Stylus means you don't have to take off your gloves to use your touchscreen in winter, so your hands are still warm, and you can still control your touchscreen with your stylus while your hands are warm because your wearing gloves.

The length of Universal Capacitive Stylus is also very good since it is the size of a pen, so if you don't want to move your hand as much, but has a big Tablet, you can hold the Stylus farther from the bottom.

I like the look and feel of the Stylus because it also weighs very little, so I can easily move it from one part of the screen to another with almost no effort. The colors of the Stylus is also very nice. I like the silver top and bottom. The black color of the Stylus is a matte black finish. Minisuit is printed on the top. The bottom of the Stylus is made of Rubber, so it won't scratch your screen.

The Stylus has a pen clip at the top, so you can clip it to your front pocket, or to a piece of paper. There is also a 3.5mm plug which let you plug it into your Tablet headphone jack when you are not using it, so you are not using it.

The Stylus also comes in a stylish metal box which is padded to protect your stylus from bumps, and scratches when in your pocket. The metal box kinds of reminds me of metal boxes for more expensive writing pens.

The Stylus has over 460 reviews on Amazon, and the average review score for the Stylus is 4/5 stars.

If you need a Stylus for more accuracy, speed, comfort, and to keep your Touchscreen clean from fingerprints, I highly recommend the Universal Capacitive Stylus made by Minisuit .

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