February 7, 2012

How to convert your CD, DVD files like music, video to work on Kobo Vox via MicroSD memory Card

If you have a lot of content from CDs and DVDs like videos, music, pictures and documents, you need to use CD music ripping and DVD video ripping software to convert CD music and DVD video to work with the Kobo Vox eReader Tablet.

If you have Windows Media Player for Windows XP-7 on your Windows based computer, you can use its built-in CD ripping program to rip music tracks on a music CD to MP3 which will be saved on your PC hard drive. CDex is also a good free Music CD ripping software for Windows which you can download for free at cdexos.sourceforge.net/?q=download .

Unfortunately, if your CD is copy protected with Digital Right Management software also called DRM, you can't rip it in some cases, so you need to buy a non-DRM version of the CD, or buy MP3 formated music files which are not copy protected. However, most CDs are not DRM protected and can be easilty ripped.

When ripping your music from CDs, you should rip them as MP3 files, so they are compatible with your Vox and other devices like MP3 players, Tablets, and DVD Players which support MP3 playback.

You can use the default Gallery for browsing video and picture files, and  the default music App which came with your Kobo Vox to view and listen to media files.

For document file types, you need an App to view them on the Vox. The Kobo Vox App store have a few apps for viewing documents like OfficeSuite Pro 5 . You can just copy your document files to the Vox and open them with an App. You may need a file explorer/manager program to find them if your document app does not have a file manager.

The Vox comes with 8GB of space, but it is not enough space to store a lot of music, video, and photo files, so I recommend getting a MicroSD memory card  and a USB card reader like the Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Class 4 Memory Card & MicroSDHC Card Reader (Bulk) to copy files on your PC to your Memory card to install on your Vox for easily copying hours of video and music to your PC to your Vox quickly.
Using a MicroSD memory card and card reader is a lot more convenient then connecting your Vox to your PC or laptop to copy files to your Vox via USB since you don't have to take the USB cable out of the box, and connect it to the Vox, and then your USB port on your PC.

All you have to do is plug in your MicroSD card reader with your MicroSD card file installed inside of it to your computer USB port, and start copying files, and when you are done, you remove your MicroSD card reader, and take out the card from the Card Reader and insert it in to your Vox's Micro SD card reader slot by pressing down on it until you hear a click, or it is inserted all the way in.

To remove the microSD memory card from the Vox, you press down on the MicroSD card until it pops out like a digital camera SD card slot.

You usually do not have to format your MicroSD memory card to work with your Vox since most memory cards come formated in FAT16 or 32 file system which the Vox can read and write to.

Note:Windows, Mac, and Linux installer files do not work with Tablets or eReaders like the Kobo Vox because Tablets and eReaders use mobile operating systems like Google Android which can't install full desktop software found on Windows or Mac, so if you need a similar software, you need to download it from GetJar or other Android marketplaces. Your Vox can open most files which your desktop computer can open if you have an App which can open files, but it can't open installer files and executable files to run Windows software on the Vox.

If you want to run Windows software on the Vox, you need to use Remote Desktop software which is like a web browser which lets you use the internet to login to your Windows or Mac computer remotely by using the internet and remote desktop software.

Cloud computing like Google Docs, Zoho Office, etc may be a better choice then Remote Desktop since you just need a web browser and the internet to edit files on a website like Google Docs, and your computer at home does not have to be on, so it uses less electricity.

Share your Tips on using your tablet to open files typically found on a CD or DVD?

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