February 6, 2012

Using the Kobo Vox as a Portable multimedia player for watching video on the GO!

The Kobo Vox  color eReader is great for viewing video with its 7 inch screen which is optimized for outdoor reading on a eReader tablet. The Vox is one of the fewest Tablets which can be bought for under 180 dollars when on sale, but features a capacitive touch screen with a bright display.

The Kobo Vox can also be used as a photo viewer when you are not using it to view video and music files on it.

The Kobo Vox supports 3GP; MP4; WEBM video file formats, and MP3; AAC; .3GP; MP4; M4A; FLAC; OGG; WAV; MID sound file formats. It also supports JPG; PNG; GIF; BMP picture file format.

All you need is the default media player app for your Vox, or a good media player like Meridian Player for Android which can open and play music and video files. You can also use media players from GetJar which is Kobo default App store.

You can use an Video or audio converter in Windows, Mac, or Linux to convert incompatible video, and audio formats like MKV, WMV, etc to compatible file formats like MP4, MP3, etc. MS paint or other photo editing software can be used to convert incompatible picture formats like Tiff to JPG. By using media file converter software and Image file editors, you can playback almost any file on the Vox as long as you convert it to a compatible file format which works on the Vox and other portable devices like Sony PSP, MP4 player, etc.

You can set the brightness of your Vox's screen higher when outdoors because of the reflection from the sun making the screen not as bright, but when in doors videos and photos look great even on low to medium brightness settings if you want to conserve battery power.

I recommend buying a 32GB MicroSD Card and MicroSD Card Reader like the Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Micro SD Card with MicroSD to SD adapter & Mobilemate Reader, so you can load it up with video and music files for playing back on the Kobo Vox to give you even more space from the default 8GB of space.
To save space on your Vox, it would be best to load Standard definition 360P-480P video on the memory card, or HD video files with a resolution of 720P or use the resolution of 1024 x 600 to encode your home movies for the Vox's native resolution. 192 KBps or lower KBps like 96-128 KBps MP3 would be best for audio playback. MP4, OGG, and MID video and sound file formats usually use less space and are high quality at lower bitrates.

The Vox's speaker are okay for watching video in an empty room, but if there is a radio or television on in the same room then you might have trouble hearing the Vox's sound. You can try turning up the volume, or use a pair of headphones or external battery powered speakers like iLuv iSP110 Portable Amplified Stereo Speaker Case (Blue) which uses 3.5mm headphone audio jack and its own power to playback sound. If you have a pair of old computer speakers or MP3 player/iPod headphones, you can use them for plugging into your Vox to use. By using external battery powered speakers or headphones, you'll also have stereo sound from 2 speakers, and better battery life since they both use less battery power from the Vox.

If you plan on watching very long video or listen to a lot of music for hours, buying a Kobo Vox stand case like the Tuff-Luv Tri-Stand Faux Leather case cover Stand for Kobo Vox - Black can make watching longer videos and listening to music more enjoyable since you don't have to hold it manually in your hand since you can just set it up for watching in a vertical or horizontal position.  The case will also protect your Vox from scratches and dirt when it is closed.

One of the main advantages of the Vox is it can be used to watch YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Crackle, and other free online videos with the default web browser and wireless internet. You may need to install the Adobe Flash Player app for Android to view some online video sites which need flash. I recommend Dolphin Browser HD to browse video sites since it seems to be the easiest web browser for Android to use which works well with YouTube. The Kobo Vox also comes with Rdio which you can use for streaming music to your Vox.
The GetJar marketplace also have a few internet TV apps, and free video watching Apps to let you watch TV shows and movies for free via an App which you installed on the Vox.

You can also use the Vox to stream music and video from a PC via its fast 802.11N wireless adapter if you have an app to stream music and video from your PC to your tablet, or you use your Vox's web browser to access your PC's hard drive to stream media via Wi-Fi.

Share your stories on what you use to watch TV, and videos or listen to music when you are out!

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