February 25, 2012

Bundle Monster Synthetic Black Leather Case, Nice Affordable eReader case for Amazon Kindle 4 + Kobo Touch

Bundle Monster Synthetic Leather Case Cover Jacket is a nice looking, affordable and durable case which will protect your Kindle 4 and Kobo Touch eReader. It is also very light, easy to use, and portable.

The case looks very well built, and works great at protecting the back, and front of your eReader from scratches, and bumps when closed.

I like the design of the case since it reminds me of a book, or a journal, so it makes it less noticeable when you carry it out, and people won't spot your eReader as easily. The Bundle Monster's BM logo is nicely embedded into the case, so its logo won't fade, or peel off like paint or stickers. The Black color of the case is also a nice shade of black.
The case has 4 straps ( 2 upper elastic straps and 2 lower synthetic leather straps.) for securing your Kindle 4 or Kobo Touch eReader to its case.

The dimensions of the case are 17cm x 12.5cm x 2cm (6.69" x 4.92" x .78") which can fit the Kindle 4 released on Sept. 2011, and Kobo Touch eReader.

On the back of the front cover it has a soft pocket area made of a felt-like lining. You can store a few slips of paper on its pocket.

The synthetic leather also seems very durable, and is nicely sewn together. I like that the material is a matte color, so it does not get dirty from fingerprints much, and it it is easy to clean with a microfibre clothe.

The case is also padded which makes holding it more easily.

The strap for closing the  case is also magnetic, so your case is securely protecting your eReader and it is easy to open and close. This also means that the strap won't wear out like buttons do.

The Price of the Bundle Monster Synthetic Leather Case Cover Jacket is also very great since it only cost $12.99 on Amazon which is a small price to pay for keeping your more expensive eReader free of scratches.

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