March 5, 2012

Installing Adobe Flash Player for the Kobo Vox Google Android Gingerbread Tablet

It is simple to install Adobe Flash Player for the Kobo Vox Google Android Gingerbread Web Browser on the eReader Tablet.Google Android having Flash support is one advantage of Android over Apple iOS and other mobile operating systems.

All you need is the .APK installer File for Adobe Flash Player for Google Android, and open it in your downloads folder, or other folder in Google Android via a File Manager App for Android like File Expert.
You can download the .APK file from the Google Android Marketplace if you have another phone or tablet which supports the Google Android Marketplace, and use a MicroSD memory card, or e-mail to copy and paste the Adobe Flash Player .APK file to the Kobo Vox's memory storage.

Adobe Flash Player on XDA-developers

Unfortunately, the Kobo Vox does not support the Google Android Marketplace, so you may need to ask a friend or family member to send you the Adobe Flash 11 .APK file via E-mail for you to open on your Kobo Vox eReader Tablet from your Kobo Vox Browser.

You first need to login to your e-mail, and open the Adobe Flash 11 Player for Google Android APK in your attachment.

You can also search on Google for the Adobe Flash Player for Android APK, and find blog post with links to the Adobe Flash Player APK download link.

Like this website I found from search results which offers the Adobe Flash 11 for Android .APK file

If you e-mail Adobe, they might be nice enough to send you the .APK file via a file attachment by e-mail.

Once you open the .APK file for Adobe Flash Player 11, and agree to install it on your Kobo Vox, the Adobe Flash Player Plug-in for web browsers like Android Web Browser, Dolphin Web browsers, and Maxthon Web Browsers to use Adobe Flash Player to play online video, games, music players which run in flash.

I also recommend restarting your web browsers, or the Kobo Vox after you installed Adobe Flash Player on it, so you refresh your session on web browsers, and your browser know that Adobe Flash Player is installed.

Some Web Browsers for Android, do not support flash, or you need to press a play button on a box on the website to play flash content.

The default Android Web Browser, Opera Mobile, Dolphin Web Browser, and Maxthon Web Browser do support Adobe Flash Player for Google Android.

Adobe Flash Player works okay on Google Android for the Kobo Vox, but it is not as fast as Adobe Flash Player on the PC. But, it works at playing video, but I think it won't be very good at playing flash games since the Kobo Vox only has a 800 MHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, and is slower then a PC. It's best sticking to mobile games like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and Fruit Ninja on the Vox.

HTML5 is a better alternatives then Adobe Flash Player for Android, but very few websites support HTML5. Android Web Browser, Opera Mobile 11, and Dolphin Browser supports HTML5 as well as Flash.

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