March 15, 2012

Type Text faster with Alternative swyping Keyboard Apps for Kobo Vox eReader Tablet running Google Android Gingerbread

The Kobo Vox Tablet eReader running Google Android Gingerbread mobile operating systems comes pre-installed with a basic keyboard which is good for basic text input like entering a website address in the web browser address bar and making simple searches on Search Engines, but there are faster keyboards which let you type faster when typing sentences, and paragraphs like e-mail, forums, blogs, and comments.

I use both Swype Beta and SlideIT On Screen Keyboard App on the Kobo Vox, and they work great, and I find them both easier, faster, and more fun to use then the default keyboard app which came with the Vox.

For tablet, smartphones, and ereaders which have an onscreen keyboard, you need to look down on the keys to type them, and if you have big fingers then it is very easy to tap the wrong key. But, with a swyping keyboard, swyping the wrong key is less common and simpler.

Swyping Keyboards are the best type of keyboard apps for writing e-mails, annotations in e-books, text messages, status updates, and instant messages in a fast and easy manner.

Swyping keyboards where you draw lines from one letter to another letter to type or text out a word can make typing a lot more accurate, and faster on a touchscreen tablet. Tapping the on screen keyboard can be slow and not as accurate, and it can make your hand more tired over time.

While swyping keys on a swyping based keyboard like Swype, and SlideIT can make typing a lot faster and accurate since it is easier to draw a line from one key to another quickly then to quickly type out a word on a touchscreen tablet.

With Swyping keyboards like Swype, and SlideIT, you can still tap on keys to type them when you need more accuracy when typing in usernames, passwords, e-mails, and numbers.

The look of third party keyboards are also pretty nice With SlideIt, you can change the theme, and height of the on screen keyboard very easily. Swype has a cool modern black theme. Both SlideIT, and Swype are also more readable in low light or very bright lighting conditions compared to the default Android Keyboard which is white, and the letters are black, and it is not possible to change the appearance like SlideIT.

Auto-suggestion, auto-correction, auto-spacing, and Auto-capitalization of words also seem better on third party keyboards.

Adjusting the settings on third party keyboards are also simple as well.

I also notice using a capacitive stylus to swype words is also very fun, fast and simple compared to slowly tapping out words, and hitting the wrong on screen button on the keyboard. If you choose to use SlideIT, you can adjust the height of the Keyboard to make the keys bigger or smaller to make typing faster and more accurate because you can see the keys more easily, and you can type faster without worrying about tapping the wrong key.

Swype Beta is currently free, but you need to register for an account while SlideIT has a 15 day trial, and you need to buy it if you wish to continue using it.

SwiftKey Tablet X Free is also a worthy Android keyboard App if you don't like to swype, but prefer a faster and more feature rich keyboard for Android.

All these Keyboard Apps also have Voice to Text dictation features, so if you have a phone, or tablet running Google Android operating system you can use your voice to type words by talking into a microphone which will convert your spoken words into text with a keyboard App.

You can also add custom words to these Keyboard Apps Dictionary as well for less errors caused by auto-correct when you type and text.

The Kobo Vox, Kindle Fire, and some cheaper Android tablets and eReaders don't have microphones. Although, the Barnes and Noble Nook has a microphone.

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