March 10, 2012

Tetris for Kobo Vox and Google Android Tablets SmartPhones

Tetris is a classic game which people played on the PC, game consoles, and older phones. But, Tetris is now available for Google Android Tablets and Smart Phones like the Kobo Vox which uses Google Android as its operating system.

Tetris performs pretty well  on the Kobo Vox. To change the direction of the blocks, I just need to tap on the block. For changing, the location the block will fall on, I just drag the blocks to the left or right of the screen. If I want the blocks to drop faster, I drag the blocks down.

The point of Tetris is to change the direction of the blocks, and to use the blocks to create a continuous line at the bottom of the screen to get rid of the blocks before all the blocks reaches the top of the screen. If the blocks reach the top of the screen, you lose the game. If you can get rid of all the blocks by using them to make a straight horizontal line at the bottom of the screen then you get points, and go to the next level when you earned enough points to go to the next level.

Playing Tetris on a touch screen can be a totally new fun. challenging and new experience compared to playing it with a keyboard, or controller like on a PC or game console.

All modern Google Android Tablets can play Tetris because Tetris is a 2D game with very simple graphics, so you don't need a very fast and powerful tablet to run it.

Tetris is a simple game, but it is also very fun, and challenging since the blocks fall faster as you play the game longer, and you have to rotate and move the blocks faster, or you'll eventually lose when the blocks reach the top of the screen in the game. Plus, you don't know what is the third block since you only know what the second block is in the preview window, so you need to use your blocks in a efficient manner, and one wrong move can mean you lose, or your closer to losing.

I also like that Tetris is in Color on Tablets, so it looks pretty good. The music in Tetris games is also pretty good.

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