March 6, 2012

Cut The Rope for Google Android on Kobo Vox Tablet eReader Review

Cut the Rope, is a puzzle game where you have to cut rope, pop bubbles, and other objects, so you can swing a piece of candy safely into a Green monsters mouth.

The game is a casual puzzle game, but it can also be very challenging and hard in the latter levels, and you need to also collect stars with the candy on the rope to unlock new boxes. Some levels require a lot of speed and accuracy when cutting Rope, and popping bubbles.

The 7 inch screen of the Kobo Vox is great for playing Cut The Rope because it is bigger then a SmartPhone, and the color screen is very colorful and bright. The screen sensitivity is also pretty good.

The game is played in vertical/portrait mode, but for some levels like the horizontal levels,  I wish I can play them in horizontal mode, so I can see more of the horizontal width of the level.
The game runs good on the Kobo Vox since the Kobo Vox 800MHz CPU and 512MB of RAM is fast enough to run the game.

But, I notice if your internal memory is very full, Cut The Rope tends to crash more, so you would need to move Apps which could be moved to SD which is very easy. You go to Settings>Manage Apps then where you can click on individual apps to move them to SD if they support move to SD if they do not support move to SD then you can't move them to SD.

You can also uninstall Apps on your Tablet to free up space on your internal memory.

I notice when the Internal Memory is less full Cut The Rope Crashes less.

March Update: After Kobo Updated the Vox operating System on my Kobo Vox on March 2012, Cut the Rope runs a lot faster, and hasn't crash, or Cut The Rope silently update Cut the Rope game to the latest version which fix the crashing problem. The game also seems to run faster away after the updates for Kobo Vox on March 2012.

Make sure to update to the latest version of the Kobo Vox when the Kobo Vox asks you to update to the latest version, so all games and apps run better.

Uninstalling Unused Apps can also improve performance especially if they run in the background every time you start your Vox. I also recommend removing the Rdio, People Search, and all other widgets and app shortcut which you never use on the Vox's homescreen since some widgets and icons tend to launch the Apps in Memory when you are not even using them.

Not Relevant Anymore for Vox users who updated to the March Updates
I also recommend waiting 20 seconds before pressing the "Play" button or Options button since I notice sometimes when I click the Play or Option Button too fast, Cut the Rope just crashes.

Hopefully, Cut The Rope fix its crash bug in newer versions of Cut The Rope.

Restarting your Kobo Vox by powering on and off might also fix crashes in the game. If your Vox is getting low on battery power, you should charge it since I had Cut The Rope crash a few times when battery power is low.

You can also try downloading the latest version from GetJar Marketplace if you still experience crashes on an older version.

You can also buy the latest AD-Free version of Cut The Rope from Amazon App Store or Android Market.

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