June 30, 2010

Found a Free Word Proccessing program for Windows and Linux called Abiword

It is called AbiWord. Abi word has most of the features I want for a Word processor like spell check, margin size adjustment, and it is very lightweight, but I notice it tends to crash during print preview, and autosave does not work for me. If I just need a word processor to type out my homework Abiword is a decent word processor for me.

But, I notice it seems to have problems opening some MS Office doc files, so it is not the best word processor to use if you plan on using it to share with MS Word users.

I also ran into an error where I open a Abiword file and it was blank, so I recommend you backup your abiword files to another drive like a USB Flash drive, but I was saving my documents as a .doc file and not the default .abw file format.

Abiword also seems to mess up my documents when I save and close my documents with hyperlinks. It makes the non-linked text blue on some occassions. I think it is caused by MS word 2007 breaking my .doc file I made with Abiword, so I recommend saving your work as .abw and only do a Save as... to .doc when sharing with MS Word users.

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