November 24, 2010

Diskeeper 2010 Professional - best paid defrag I ever use!

Diskeeper 2010 Professional is a great automatic disk defrag program which works for Windows 7 and later version of Windows. I been using it for almost 30 days and I love it. All I have to do is install it, and let Diskeeper defrag my drive automatically in the background when my computer is not very busy. I notice my Windows Startup and shutdown times both improve. Launching programs and files also seem a lot faster as well.

There are also a lot of logs which you can view in Diskeeper 2010 to see how fragmented your drive is. The logs are great for power users, and IT staff to see how Diskeeper 2010 is maintaining their computer drive.

You can also still run Manual defrags if you plan on doing hard disk intensive tasks like video editing.

 Best thing I like about Diskeeper 2010 Professional is it uses little system resources unlike most manual disk defrags, and I no longer have to manually defrag my hard drive, or schedule my hard drive to defrag with task scheduler. Diskeeper is a program you just have to install and forget about since it decides when my hard drive needs to be defrag and optimize my computer, so I never need to analyze and defrag my drive manually.

I also save a lot of time since I no longer have to schedule disk defrags, forgetting to defrag, find time to defrag my computer, and do other dull tasks related to defraging a hard drive in Windows 7.

When people say Windows is slow and requires constant maintenance by the user, I could say it is not true since I have Diskeeper 2010 Professional which does all the work for me in maintaining Windows Hard Disk speed performance which means faster start ups, shut downs for Windows, programs, and opening files with programs.

Diskeeper 2010 Professional is the only paid disk defrag I will use since it works so well at keeping my computer hard drive running well. It also does not use a lot of system resources in the background since Diskeeper only use idle system resources to prevent system slow down from happening during disk defrags.

  • I can watch a movie on my computer while Diskeeper 2010 defrags my fragmented hard drives on my computer.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • lots of logs for power users, or IT staff
  • Stop fragmentation before it happehns with IntelliWrite™ technology
  • Open computer files up to 80% faster with I-FAAST® file optimization technology
  • Works with Windows XP -7

  • Logs in diskeeper might be hard to understand for novices who are not tech savvy, but the help documentation is helpful for newbies.
  • If you own Diskeeper 2009, it might not be worth the pricetag, but there is a cheaper upgrade version available for 35.22 which will upgrade to Diskeeper 2010 for a cheaper price then the full version for new Diskeeper users.

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Johnson Yip said...

Hi Robert, you can reinstall it by logging into your Diskeeper account if you bought it from and downloading the installer file again at

Otherwise, you need to use the Diskeeper CD to reinstall Diskeeper.