June 13, 2012

A Capacitive Stylus can make using your Touchscreen simple and clean

One of the best things about using a capacitive stylus which works on the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire,etc is it can make using your Tablet simpler because you can click on small links and buttons on apps, and websites easier because the tip of the stylus is thinner then a finger tip, and you won't have problems with your fingernails interfering with your taping on your Screen with a Stylus.

Plus, if you have shaky hands,  using a stylus can make drawing, writing, and tapping on icons and links on the screen easier.

Using a pen like object like a Stylus also can feel more natural to use then a finger for some people since most people know how to use a pen, and how a pen works.

A Stylus also stops fingerprint marks from showing up on the screen because a capacitive stylus has no fingerprints like your fingers.

A Capacitive Stylus also won't scratch your screen like finger nails, or metal rings you are wearing on your fingers, so your screen will look new even after using your Tablet for years to come.

I have been using a capacitive Stylus for many months on my Tablet for every touchscreen task like taping on apps, drawing, writing, and games, and it works great. I like that I don't have to clean the screen of dust and fingerprints as often anymore.

The longer shaft of the stylus also make reaching icons which are located farther away from my finger a little bit faster.

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