January 25, 2013

Best video media player software for Windows 8 Operating System

Windows 8 is a good operating system for watching video because it is fast, and doesw not use a lot of RAM, CPU, and other resources. It is also very easy to install programs and codecs in Windows to play different types of video and audio files like MP4. Windows 8 also work with online media services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other online media services, so you can use Windows 8 to watch video online. Windows 8 also work with a lot of media hardware like TV tuners, speakers, microphones, and other media devices which work in Windows 7 and Vista because Windows 8 shares a lot of similarities with Windows 7. You also would be guaranteed to have updates for Windows 8 to improve Windows media playback and other features for many years longer then Windows 7 because Windows 8 is the newest Windows operating systen.

I like using VLC VideoLAN player because it can play most popular video, and audio/music file formats. It can also play DVDs, Audio CDs, and streaming media.

It is also very fast and light weight, and does not slow down my computer when it is running.  VLC is also very easy to use in my experience since the buttons for play, stop, pause, and the seek bar on  the front.

The video and audio quality for VLC media player is also pretty good.

You can download VLC Player at http://www.videolan.org/

I also like GOM player because it is easy to use, fast, and rarely crashes. Plus, it is easy to change the skin/theme in GOM Player.

GOM player seem to run even faster in Windows 8 because Windows 8 is a smoother running operating system then Windows Vista, and 7. I like the design of GOM Media player since it looks more modern, and the user interface is easy to use because the  play, stop, pause, and the seek bar are also on the front of the program.

I notice GOM Player can sometimes play video which other Players can't play because the video file was damaged, or can't be played on other video files for other reasons.

The video and audio quality in GOM is very good. It plays video and audio clearly, and rarely skip and buffer when playing video.

GOM Player rarely crashes and freezes when I use it to watch Video in Windows 8, and it loads fast when I open it from the desktop or when double clicking on video files in Windows.

Download GOM player at http://player.gomlab.com/eng/download/

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