April 6, 2011

Using a USB Playstation controller adapter to connect your Playstation, PS2 controller, or dance mat to yout PC computer

PS PS2 USB Dual Controller to PC Adapter Converter Works with Playstation One, PSX and Playstation 2 controllers, guns, and dance pads. This adapter will let you play PC games with your PS2 controller or PS2 DDR dance pads. It also supports two players, so you can play multi-player games on your PC with one PS PS2 USB Dual Controller to PC Adapter Converter and two PlayStation 2 Dualshock Controller .

This USB to Playstation Controller can use all buttons, joystick, and directional buttons on the Playstation controller.

The Playstation Controller is a great choice for a PC game controller because it is light, simple, and comfortable to use as a controller for playing games.
 On compatible games, it can also support the vibration function on your PSX or PS2 controllers while playing PC games on games which support force feedback vibrations.

This adapter works with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista with Direct X 7.0a or above computers.

PS PS2 USB Dual Controller to PC Adapter Converte only cost 4.63 dollars on Amazon which is a great deal.

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