March 24, 2011

Xbox 360 RCA Yellow, Red, White Video and Audio Cable Review

Xbox 360 RCA Video and Stereo AV Cable which came with my Xbox 360 Arcade work great at providing a standard definition picture signal and analog sound signal to my old Sony tube TV. The video quality is not fuzzy, or shaky, and pretty clear for a standard definition video signal on older TV.

Installing the analog video and audio cable for my Xbox 360 was simple. All I have to do is plug in the D shaped plug into the back of my Xbox 360 audio and video port in my Xbox 360 console. Secondly, I plug in the Yellow, red, and white plugs on the end of the cable to the Yellow video port for video, and red and white ports for audio at the back of my TV ports.

I been using theXbox 360 RCA Stereo AV Cable for over a year, and it still works great at connecting the Xbox 360 video and audio to the back of my TV.
If you have S-video video ports on your older analog TV,  I recommend you get  Xbox 360 S Video AV Cable since S-video video signal is clearer and better colors then a RCA video connection.

If you own a HDTV with Component (Blue, Red Green) video connecters, and own a launch model Xbox 360 from 2005, you should get the since component displays picture in HD quality.

"Newer" Xbox 360 like the Xbox 360 slim or Jasper versions of the Xbox 360 have an HDMI port, so if your TV also have HDMI port then you should get a HDMI cable for connecting your TV to your Xbox 360 for the best picture quality possible. Note: if you own a Xbox 360 from 2005 it will not have a HDMI port.
You can also use your computer monitor as a display for your Xbox 360 by using Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable, but you need a stereo which accepts RCA input for the sound.

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