March 16, 2011

Kodak ZI8 Black Handheld Digital Camcorder Review

I have been using the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera (Black) for a few days, and it had been great and very easy to use. The Kodak ZI8 can record in 480P, 720P, 1080P resolutions. 480P is good for YouTube and online video sites while 720P and 1080P is great for viewing on HDTV like plasma and LCD TVs.

The ZI8 is very easy to use all I have to do is turn it on, and press the red record button to record video. I like how easy it is to change the quality settings for recording video after turning it on. The Kodak ZI8 also have image stabilization, and face detection for taking photos and video. It can also take 5 Megapixels pictures.

Here is a sample video I recorded with my Kodak ZI8 video camera which I recorded in 480P for YouTube.

 Plus, it only takes a few seconds to turn on the camcorder, and start recording.

The ZI8 uses SD memory cards up to 32GB in size which means you can upgrade your memory as you need more space, and also comes with 128MB of internal memory. I find using a 8 GB or larger SD memory card to be enough space for most users.

The battery life of the Kodak ZI8 pretty good since it uses a lithium ion battery. It is also very easy to take out and install the battery. Charging the battery is very easy, you can charge by using the built-in USB plug for the ZI8 or the AC wall adapter power brick.

You also can use an external mic if you need a higher quality mic. I find the ZI8 microphone pretty good at picking up sound from the surroundings. I can also adjust the mic volume via the settings for the ZI8 very easily.

The screen on the back of the ZI8 is 2.5 inchs, so I can very easily see what I am recording very easily. The screen is also very bright, and clear. It is also not very reflective, so I do not see my reflection on the screen when I am recording video. If you find the screen too bright, you can set it to medium brightness, or low.

I can also use the bundled AV or HDMI cables to preview what I recorded on my Kodak ZI8 video camera.

I also like there is an adapter at the bottom of the camcorder to allow me to mount the camera on to a camera tripod, so I can take more stable video.

Moving or copying your video files and photos you recorded and taken with your ZI8 is easy. All you have to do is slide out your USB port from your ZI8 and plug it into your computer or laptops USB port. You can also take out your SD card from your ZI8 hand held video camera, and insert your SD card into your SD card reader to copy your videos and photos from your SD card to your computer hard drive via your SD card you have inserted in your SD card reader on your computer. 

The Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera (Black) is also light and portable. I can carry it in my pocket very easily. The build quality of the Kodak Zi8 also seems sturdy and not cheap like other cameras. The ZI8 also fits very nice in my hand. It also looks very sleek and shiny with its black case.

What I like most about the Zi8 is  the price since for 100 dollars or less, I can have a portable 1080P HD video camera which can record high quality video for YouTube, or for making HD home videos to watch back on my HDTV or home computer.

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