March 15, 2011

Xbox 360 elite 250GB hard drive review

I recently got a Xbox 360 Hard Drive 250GB for my non-slim version of my Xbox 360 Arcade which only came with 256 MBs of built-in memory/storage for game saves. 256MB is enough for a few game saves, but it is not enough space for downloadable games, demos, videos, songs, or for installing games on the Xbox 360 for faster game loading times.

 I like how the Xbox 360 250GB hard drive also has a  very sleek and slim design with metal strips on the side and top of it which look very nice.

 The Xbox 360 250GB drive also came with some demos of Xbox 360 and a USB transfer cable for people with 20GB , 60GB, and 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive to transfer onto your Xbox 360 250GB drive via USB.

Installing the 250 GB Xbox 360 drive was simple to do since it is an external hard drive. All I had to do is press it on to the top of the Xbox 360 console by removing the Xbox 360 hard drive cover for the Xbox 360 Arcade, and slip the hard drive onto the hard drive plug. No tools were require to install the Xbox 360 250GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 Arcade.
In the Xbox 360 dashboard/desktop, I can copy or move all my game saves and other files onto the Xbox 360 250GB drive from the internal 256MB drive.

What I like most about the Xbox 360 250GB hard drive is I now have tons of space to download downloadable content on Xbox live, and I can install games onto my Xbox 360 drive for faster game loads since games are running from the hard drive instead of the game disc. I can also store more game demos, songs, video game trailers, etc from Xbox Live to my Xbox 360 250GB drive.

I have been using my Xbox 360 250 GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 Arcade for a few month, and it works great.If you Own the Xbox 360 4GB slim version, you want to buy the slim version of the Xbox 360 Slim since the old version does not work on the newer slim version.

The slim version is smaller, and more compact for the Xbox 360 slim. The Slim version of the Xbox 360 250 GB hard drive is only for the slim version and not the old version of the Xbox 360 console.

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