March 17, 2011

Transcend 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card Review

I have been using a Transcend 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card  for a few days now on my hand held digital camcorder and camera, and it works great. It transfer files to my computer at a decent speed for a budget price SD card.

I have not experience any problems with this memory card working in my digital camcorder. It stores my video files reliably for transferring to my computer via my PC memory card reader, or my camcorders USB connector with my SD card in it.

 It only cost 5.39 US dollars on Amazon, so it is a great deal since you can't buy much for 5 bucks these days at most electronics store.

I would highly recommend the Transcend 2 GB SD Flash Memory Card  for anyone looking to replace their 512MB or 1GB SD memory cards with a memory card which can store more images, videos, songs, and other files. This SD card is cheap, but it works as good as more expensive SD cards from more well known companies.

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