March 17, 2011

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless White controller Review

I have been using the Xbox 360 Wireless White Controller for over a year, and it is one of my favorite controllers I ever used for a game console which still works great after a year.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 controller is comfortable, easy to use, durable, has great battery life, and stylish

 It fits very nice in my hand, and is not very heavy. The joystick, game pad, back, space, X, Y,A, and B button are all positioned, so it is easy to reach them. The Left, and right top and bottom trigger button are also easy to reach with my fingers.

The Xbox 360 controller shape is very nice since it is not too big for my medium sized hands.

I also like the rumble/vibration feature it makes games more realistic since it is like I can feel the game.

I sit far away from my TV and I never lose my connection with my controller and my Xbox 360 console.

The Green X button is also very useful since I can just press it to turn on my Xbox instead of walking to my Xbox 360 to push the power button.

I like that the Xbox 360 wireless controller uses two double AA batteries, so I can use my rechargeable AA batteries to power my Xbox 360 wireless controller. I can also play games for hours straight without the need to constantly charge my controller.

The shade of White for the Xbox 360 is also nixe since it is not overly white, and the Xbox 360 controller surface is not too smooth, so it is easy to hold onto your controller while you game.

The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is worth it if you are still using a wired controller from the early Xbox 360 Arcades which came out in 2005 or if you need an extra controller to play Xbox 360 games with friends.

There is also an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - Glossy Black version of the wireless controller if you prefer Black.

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