March 14, 2011

Using A KVM (Keyboard video mouse) Switcher to use one keyboard to control 2 or more computers.

Do you have two or more computer, but not enough space for the extra monitor, mouse, keyboard,  microphone, and speakers? But, you only need to use one computer at a time?

A KVM switch like TRENDnet 2-Port USB KVM Switch Kit with Audio (Includes 2x KVM Cables) TK-209K (Blue) can solve your  problem. A KVM switch basically lets you use one keyboard, mouse, monitor, microphone and speaker system to switch between two computers by pressing a button for which computer you want to use.

You'll no longer have to unplug and replug in cables from your monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and mic again since you can just use your KVM switch to switch between two devices.

Some KVM switches do not require you to install any software for your devices to be hooked up to a KVM switch to work. I recommend softwareless KVM since they are more likely to work with all operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac.

Plus, using a KVM switch can save you hundreds of dollers and desk space compared to buying an extra monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, and mouse for your 2nd PC. Using a KVM is also a lot more easy then remote desktop programs.

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