May 14, 2011

Ways you can improve Windows 7 by not installing any new software or Hardware

Windows 7 can sometimes get slow, and installing software or hardware to make it faster can be a hassle, and kind of expensive if you do not have money to spend on software and hardware. Some of the free software which claims to make Windows 7 faster sometimes can make Windows 7 slower, or broken if it deletes something needed for Windows to run.
Windows 7 comes pre-bundled with software like Msconfig, Windows Update, and Advance System Settings for you to optimize Windows 7 for performance by disabling startup programs, and themes which can make your PC slow.

You can use Msconfig which is Windows built-in startup manager for disabling and enabling startup programs and services which can make Windows start-up and run faster.

All you have to do is type in "MsConfig" in your Windows 7 startmenu textbox, and click the enter key.

Click on the startup tab, and uncheck instant messengers, media players, and other programs which you do not want to start up during Windows start-up. Don't uncheck anti-virus, and firewall software since you need them to keep Windows 7 secure. Click the OK button.

You can also switch to the Classic Theme for Windows 7 by typing "Advance system settings" in the Windows 7  startmenu textbox. Next, click the settings button on the performance heading. Pick the Adjust for best appearance" for visual effects which will make Windows 7 change your display settings to use less system resources. Click ok for performance option.

If you have a lot of Windows, tabs on a browser, and system tray programs, system widgets, browser plug-ins running on your computer, you can close or disable the ones which you are not using or need to get back some of your unused RAM and CPU system resourcses.  Most programs also have a option to make it not startup during windows startup in the options settings for the program.You can uninstall programs which you never use to save hard drive space.

Also, you can run a full scan with your current antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware programs which you have installed on your PC to see if you have any virus, spyware, malware, and other unwanted software running in the background slowing down your PC while using your computer to send your information to another computer, send spam, and do other bad tasks.

Lastly, you can update Microsoft Windows by running a Windows update by typing Windows Update in the Windows 7 startmenu. Windows Update install bug fixes and service packs on your computer which can make programs run faster and more stably.

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