July 12, 2011

Tablet PC, The perfect Companion this summer.

A Tablet PC can be a great companion computer for you to use this summer since it is inexpensive, small, and cute unlike a bulky heavy laptops which are big, expensive, and less attractive.
For example, the ViewSonic gTablet with 10" Multi-Touch LCD Screen, Android OS 2.2 can be a great book sized computer for you to use to watch videos on long car/bus rides, or at a restaurant with Wifi. You can also install and put Apps, E-books, music, video, and other files on it when you do not have internet access by WiFi which is a lot cheaper or free to access the internet at most libraries, and coffee shops then using your Smartphone mobile phone service which sometimes just give you 1000MB of data transfer for month for 20 dollars or more a month.

The good thing about a tablet is it won't overheat as easily since you mostly be holding it on your hand unlike a laptop which can overheat if you rest it on a bed, your lap, or any other soft surface.

Tablet computers can also be good for people with chubby fingers, or poor eyesight which makes it hard for them to read the songs on an iPod or smaller MP3 player, but with an Tablet PC the Text is bigger, and the on screen keyboards buttons, are easy to push with your finger tips because of the bigger screen. Tablet PCs also look a lot nicer then portable DVD players, and TVs, and can playback more types of video, audio, document, games, and other files. You can also use Tablet computers to video chat with people via skype and record video, and take pictures if the tablet computer also have a webcam/digital camera. If you like, you can buy a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for your tablet to be used as a laptop/netbook when you need to type a lot of text.

Most Tablet computers also have built-in speakers for you to play back sound, so there is no need to buy external speakers, or headphones to listen to sound or music. You can also use headphones or plug in external portable speakers to plug into the built-in headphone jack on tablet computers if you prefer using headphones, or louder music by plugging your tablet into louder speakers then the built-in speaker.

Tablets also start up faster like Cell phones and smart phones which usually start up in seconds rather then minutes like Laptops and Desktop computers. The reason for tablets being able to start up in seconds is because the operating system, and hard ware are optimize to start up quickly and there are no or very few startup processes which slow down the boot time like Windows. Your tablet also won't slow down due to overheating or being messed up after time like Windows computer when it is heavily infected by virus, spyware, and malware. You also do not have to worry as much about getting a virus from browsing the internet when using a Android based tablet.Plus, you do not have to carry around a mouse to use a tablet since the screen is the mouse/touch pad and keyboard, so you do not have to worry about forgetting your mouse if you are not use to using the touch pad on a laptop. Tablets also use solid state flash memory like a USB Flash drive or a SD Card which is less likely to fail then a laptops hard drive which is mechanical. SSD Solid state memory is also faster then regular mechanical hard drives when it comes to opening files and copying files. Some Tablets let you use SD Cards, and MicroSD cards to expand the amount of storage space your tablet have which is a lot easier then replacing a laptops hard drive with a bigger hard drive by opening up the laptop and replacing the old laptop drive with a higher capacity laptop hard drive. Tablet computers are cheaper and easier to maintain since they have no fans or cooling systems to maintain, don't require system utility software like disk defrag software, antivirus subscriptions, as many operating system and software updates as a desktop or laptop computer. Unless you are using a Windows 7 Tablet which requires an Anti-virus, and all those other system utility software for Windows. The Blackberry Playbook, Google Android, Linux, and non-Windows based tablet computers are the way to go if you want a tablet which is fast, and does not require an anti-virus, system utility software, etc while in use.

Tablets also use power more efficiently then laptops since Tablets do not have any mechanical parts like cooling fans, CD-ROM drives, mechanical hard drives which uses more power then flash/solid state storage drives like SD cards. More of the Tablet's battery power will be used for powering the screen, speakers, and other parts require for tablets to display video and playback sound. You also do not have to run disk defrags, virus scans, and system utility software like a desktop or laptop base computer which need to use them. System Utility software, and scanner software will use up more power when in use. By using a Tablet, you'll use less electricity to fully charge a laptop, and more of the tablet battery's power will be used for running applications, the screen, speakers, and internal parts rather being wasted on running the cooling fans, mechanical drives, and system utility software. This mean you'll save money on electricity charging your tablet then charging a laptop computer which requires a lot more power to run while a tablet requires less power to run, so you'll save a lot more money on electricity if you mainly use your tablet for going online and watching videos instead of using a power hungry PC and laptop.

Tablet PC's are also light, so your back won't hurt from carrying it around town unlike some heavy desktop replacement laptops. You also do not have to carry around CDs, USB flash drives, or any other external drives to access your data since Tablet computers also have a fair amount of built-in storage to carry your files on. A Tablet can also access data which you have stored in your e-mail, online storage, and social network accounts when connected to a Wi-Fi Wireless internet hotspot which are found in a lot of places like the library, schools, restaurants, and coffee shop.

The problem with using a laptop or desktop in some cases, is that I have to hunch over, adjust my computer chair or position my body weirdly to be able to view the screen comfortably with my eyes. However, using a tablet does not have this problem because I can hold it with my hand or buy a adjustable stand for it to view it comfortably rather then slouching or hunching over to use a laptop which can lead to shoulder or back pains in my experience. Holding a tablet is like a book, you can hold it farther or closer to your face without slouching, or you can just set the font bigger to read it easier like a E-book reader.

You can also use a Tablet PC while standing or walking on a treadmill which is hard to do with a laptop because of the size, weight and keyboard. Standing or walking on a treadmill have the benefits of being better for your health then sitting on a chair because you are more active.

The thing I dislike most about laptops and desktops is they tend to require a cooling pad with a fan or installing a more powerful fan for cooling it or it overheats which can lead to increase noise.

A Tablet Computer can be used all year round like in the winter when the power goes out because of a storm, or in the fall when you need a E-book reader, calculator app, e-mail app, etc for school or work. They make a great gift for people who needs the functionality of a computer, but don't have a lot of space. They can also be used to display a map, or be used as a GPS system if your tablet has a GPS. Some Tablets also let you easily connect your HD Television to it with a HDMI cable.

Tablets are great when you need to view your videos, websites, docs, and games and other media in seconds vs waiting minutes like a computers or laptop.

A Tablet PC offer most of the features and convenience of a smartphone, or even more features, but a tablet has a bigger screen, more powerful CPU, more RAM, better battery life, cooler apps and greater storage space. It almost can be a replacement for your laptop computer for doing simple tasks like web browsing, typing out short documents (unless you also buy a keyboard for your tablet then you can use it like a laptop except a tablet is lighter and starts up faster then a laptop), taking pictures and video, and playing casual games when you are on the go, but don't want to carry around a heavier and more expensive laptop.

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