July 31, 2011

Record Video games from Xbox 360, PS3, Wii to Computer with Roxio Game Capture to upload to YouTube

The Roxio Game Capture lets you easily capture video from your Component video while you are playing your Xbox 360, PS3, Wii in HD on your HD TV. The Roxio Game Capture captures video and audio from your Component video cables and Red and white audio RCA composite audio cables to record on your Laptop or Desktop computer which is running Windows XP, Vista or 7.

If you have component cables for your PS2, PC with component out, or other consoles you own, you can also use Roxio Game Capture to record component video or sound. You might also even be able to use it to record DVD video discs from your DVD player since a lot of DVD players also have component video out.

The Roxio Game Capture also comes with software for recording, editing, save, convert, and uploading your recorded game footage in HD Quality to YouTube, and other streaming media sites, or to playback on your computer in AVI, Divx, or WMV video file format. You can also add voice overs and webcam commentary to your game videos.

For under 70 dollars, the Roxio Game Capture is one of the cheapest options to record HD video of your game footage considering the Roxio Game Capture also comes with the Cables and software you need for capturing, recording, editing, and narrating your gameplay videos. The Roxio Game Capture is a lot cheaper and easier to use then a Digital Video Recorder/DVR which can cost hundreds of dollars, and is difficult to export video to a computer for editing, and uploading to Youtube.

The Roxio Game Capture is a inexpensive, simple, and high quality way to capture, edit, narrate, and upload your video for sharing on video sharing sites like YouTube.

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