August 1, 2011

S-video to RCA composite video cable for connecting your laptop to a TV or display with RCA Composite video, but no S-video

S-Video to 3-RCA Composite AV Cable for Laptop PC TV Cable lets you easily connect your laptop with an S-video output to a TV which only have the Yellow video, red and white sound composite cables.

This cable will help you convert your S-video video signal to the Yellow RCA composite signal for TV, and the 3.5 mm headphone audio jack to red and white audio connectors to connect to your TV for playing back audio on your TV's speaker system.  You can also use the red and white cable to plug into your stereo or home theater sound system if they both supports RCA inputs for sound.

You can also use this cable for a DVD player which only have S-video out, and no RCA out. The length of the cable is about 5 ft. long.

RCA composite cables are also a lot more easier to plug into a TV because it only have one thick connector compared to multiple connectors on the S-video plugs which you have to align accurately with the corresponding holes in the TV inputs unlike RCA connectors where you just plug it into one hole.

S-Video to 3-RCA Composite AV Cable for Laptop PC TV the perfect cable for easily plugging in your laptops S-video feed to your TV with a Yellow video RCA input.

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