July 31, 2011

How to plug in newer game consoles, dvd players, and video devices on TV without RCA Composite plugs

Do you still have a older TV or traveling to a place which has TV which still does not have RCA Composite inputs which are those Cables for Yellow for video, Red, and White for sound on the plugs which a lot of game consoles, DVD players, portable DVD player,Camcorder and other video devices uses. No matter which TV you use, you'll be able to play your favorite game console on a older TV without RCA composite plugs.

You need a RCA Composite to COAX Converter box like the RCA CRF907 Compact RF Modulator to be able to plug in your RCA cables to the TV. The RCA Converter box will convert your RCA signal to work with the coaxial cable which is the type of cable you use to plug-in your coax cable from the wall into the TV for watching cable. A RF modulator also lets you hook up more types of devices into your older coax based TV without spending a lot of money.

It is simple to use a RCA RF Modulator. You first need to plug in the RF modulator to your Wall's power plug then connect your Yellow, Red, and white cable from your Game Console, DVD Player, Camcorder, or VCR to the RF Modulator, and tune your TV to either CH 3 or 4 then turn on your game console, or DVD player. If you subscribe to cable, or watch antennae TV, plug your TV cable from the wall into the TV in coax plug then plug the TV out cable into the TV out of the RF modulator then Plug the cable into your TV.

You might experience better picture quality with this RF modulator instead of the ones made for Game consoles since most RF modulator adapters are non-powered.

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i have RCA CRF907 RF Modulator
so can i connect my laptop to my SHARP TV 25R S100 using the RCA CRF907 RF Modulator . if so pls tell me how....

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