July 26, 2011

Solid State Memory Drives Advantages

The benefits of Solid state memory drives like the Kingston SSDNow V100 64GB SATA II 3GB/s 2.5 Inch Solid State Drive are they uses less power, run faster in some cases, run cooler, can be more reliable, are quieter, and are smaller then mechanical drives. Solid State Drives uses technology which is similar to your USB Flash drive, SD memory card, and other flash based memory. However, SSD drives are a lot faster and more reliable since they uses the SATA II drive interface to connect to your computer.

Solid State drives are faster like 250MB/sec read and 145MB/sec write speeds for the Kingston SSD drive and will stay faster over time since you do not have to worry about data fragmentation when using a SSD drive. Plus, the hard drive does not have to spin up to access data like mechanical drives. Your computer start up time and program start up time will also be a lot faster compared to a mechanical hard drive.

The main reason solid state memory drives uses less power is that there are no moving parts like mechanical hard drive which have a motor to run the data discs and read and write head inside a drive.

Not having mechanical parts inside a solid state drive also have the benefits of using less power and making no noise while the solid state drive is on unlike a mechanical hard drive which has clicking and spinning sounds when the drive is on.

Some higer end and faster drive may require additional fans to cool mechanical hard drives. The cooling fans will also add additional noise to your PC.

While a solid state drive does not require extra cooling since they usually run pretty cool since there is not a lot of heat generated because it does not have mechanical parts. Solid State drive are also great for laptops, tablets, and low power usage computers since they use less power which means you do not have to charge your laptop as much, and you will use less power when your computer is on. This has the benefit of paying less for your computers electricity usage.

Solid State Drives are also smaller, so you do not have to worry as much as not having enough space inside your new computer to mount the drive to.

SSD drives are also lighter then 3.5" mechanical hard drives and 2.5" laptop mechanical hard drives since they
have fewer parts in them and uses chips rather then disc platters and mechanical motors to store, read and write date. Solid State Drive are more environmentally friendly because they can last longer, uses less material to make, can be reused in your future desktops, and laptops you buy, and use less electricity which is good for the environment.

Since solid state drive don't have any mechanical parts, so  it is better suited for places with a lot of vibrations, or if you are more likely to bump or drop your laptop. With a hard drive, if you drop it, you risk losing all your data if your hard drive read and write head crashes in to the data platters in your drive. With a Solid State Drive, there is no read or write head to crash, or motor to fail. You also do not have to worry about the Solid State Drive failing because of cracks or dents on the case like a metal mechanical hard drive which will break if even a particle of dust some hows enter inside the hard drive case.

The downside of a solid state drive is it cost more for the same amount of storage space compared to a mechanical hard drive, but solid state drive are less likely to fail because you drop your laptop or computer  on the ground, so you save money on data recovery since you won't need it since your SSD survived a drop on the ground. Data Recovery can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if your drive head or motor has failed on a mechanical hard drive where you can't turn on or use your mechanical hard drive anymore. However, if you have a USB external hard drive, a secondary internal hared drive with lots of storage space like 500GB or more, or don't have a lot of files, the space limitations of a SSD would not be very noticeable for someone who mainly use their computer for web browsing, playing a few games, listening to music, and watching a few HD movies on a SSD.

A Solid State Drive could extend the life of your computer since it produce less heat, have no moving parts, and uses less power, so your power supply does not have to work as hard to power your SSD drive, and SSD have no moving parts, so your data should be safe even after a fall from a few feet unlike a hard drive which can fail if it falls from a few feet off the ground.

Solid State Drive offer the speed, reliability, quietness, and power savings for saving your data.

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