July 30, 2011

Using Ubuntu Linux as my main operating system

I recently decided to use Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx as my main operating system on my computer rather then using a Windows or Mac based operating system for most of the day. Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx is a free Operating System which is based on the Debian Linux Distro operating system. However, Ubuntu is more easier to use then Debian, and Ubuntu is designed to make it easy for Linux newbies to use as their daily operating system.

So far, the experience have been great. I mainly use my computer for posting on forums, blogs, and websites. I also watch video and music on my PC when I am surfing the internet. When I use Ubuntu, I do not have to close system tray programs, start up programs, and other programs which are running in the background, so it runs faster like Windows. I can spend hours watching video, listening to music, and browsing the web without closing anything or noticing any slow downs.

Using Ubuntu Linux is also more quieter since there are no scheduled disk defrags, virus scans, caching apps, and maintenance programs which make my hard drive click, move back and forth and spin a lot like Windows.

I still use Windows for printing documents, and photos, video editing, and scanning stuff. I also use Windows to record shows on my hard drive with my USB TV Tuner since I find it more convenient to do these tasks in Windows.

It is great that Ubuntu makes it easy for a computer user to have the choice of running Ubuntu and Windows on the same computer drive, but on different partitions by using the GRUB bootloader to start your computer into Windows or Ubuntu by using the Arrow keys. It is also nice that it is extremely easy to use the Windows Ubuntu Installer to install Ubuntu on a Windows drive without the need for partitioning a hard drive and starting a computer from the Ubuntu LiveCD to install Ubuntu.

But, for the most part, Ubuntu Linux 10.04 have been great for what I usually do which is watching videos on YouTube, watching videos, listening to songs, playing flash games, blogging, foruming, making websites, photo editing with Gimp, and playing a few games.

I love the fast start up, application start time and shut down times for Ubuntu Linux 10.04 on my computer with a 1.8GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a 320GB sata II hard drive Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS is great to be used as a multimedia computer listening to music and watching videos since it is fast and cost nothing to install and use unlike Windows or Mac.

 Using Ubuntu Linux is great because I can be using my web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, and not have it crash. Plus, Ubuntu Linux 10.04 does not require disk defrags, virus scans, and other backgrounds apps which slow down most operating systems.

I also don't have to use any System Monitor or Task Monitor Programs to End Tasks and Processes to stop a slow program or service which is slowing down my computer like Windows. This means I can be more productive by not constantly closing and opening programs like disk defrags, scan disks and other programs to speed up my computer. I now have more time to spend on checking e-mails, blogging on Blogger, surfing the internet, watching videos, listening to music, and doing other important tasks rather then running a disk defrag, scan disk, disk clean up, and virus scan like in Windows...

There is also no real need to stop start up applications in Ubuntu Linux since there are very few start up programs which slow down the computer during start up.

Ubuntu 10.04 also comes with the ability for me to automatically backup my important files by making a Ubuntu One account, so I do not need to use DropBox or other online storage accounts to back up my files to online storage accounts.

It is also to install new programs with the Ubuntu Software Center, and keep my programs and Ubuntu Linux up to date with the Ubuntu Update program. The Updates are also fast to install, and don't constantly nag you to restart your computer.

Software I recommend for Ubuntu Linux which you can search for and install on Ubuntu Software Center under the applications menu on the top toolbar are
  • Adobe Flash Player for playing back YouTube videos
  • Gimp for image editing
  • Chromium for Web browsing
  • Kompozer for making websites
  • FileZilla FTP client for uploading your website
  • SM player for playing videos and audio
  • VLC player for playing your video and audio files
  • Kdenlive for advance video editing
  • Openshot for basic video editing
  • Audacity for recording and editing sound files
  • Cheese for recording and taking pictures with a webcam.

It is also very easy to change the animations, windows' appearances, fonts, and desktop background within Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx have been a fast, stable, simple and very customizable free operating system which is great for older and newer computers.

Ubuntu Linux also saved me a few times when Windows failed to boot or login to the Windows 7 desktop, I could use Ubuntu Linux to copy my files on my broken Windows partition to my working Ubuntu Linux partition because Ubuntu can read and write Windows NTFS and FAT formatted drives and partitions.

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