October 24, 2010

Tips for desktop computer cable management with Belkin Velcro Cable ties

Cable management can be very important in keeping your desktop computer cables from messing up your room, or office. Plus, people are less likely to trip over your cables, and fall or drag your computer to the floor.Using Belkin 8-Inch Velcro Cable Ties can help you organize your cables better by securing them together with Velcro. Plus, when you unplug a cable it will not fall to the ground making the cable hard to find in the messy pile of cables lying on the floor which can be a tripping hazard.
Plus, it makes your work space or home less cluttered looking from cables all over the place. You can also organize cable types by color like red, green, black, yellow, blue, or gray.

For the less then 4 dollars at Amazon, it is a great deal because you can use them over and over again since it is made of Velcro (same material which is used to secure kids shoes with no shoe laces) which does not dry up like tape, or leave a sticky residue like glue. It also looks nicer then twist ties from the grocery store. Belkin 8-Inch Velcro Cable Ties also has a lifetime warranty.

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