October 26, 2010

USB to PS/2 adapter lets you use your USB keyboard on computer and laptops with only PS/2 ports

If you only can use PS/2 (Purple PS/2 plug) keyboards and (Green PS/2 plug) mouse ports because your computer is very old and only have PS/2 ports, you'll need a USB to PS/2 converter for both your keyboard or mouse to convert your PS/2 plug to USB for use on your computer.

A USB to PS/2 converter is also good for computers with very few USB ports, so you'll have 2 spare USB ports for your computer which also have PS/2 ports.

This is one of the reasons I still use PS/2 keyboards and mice since I'll have 2 free USB ports which I can use for other peripherals like webcams, printers, external hard drives, TV tuners, flash drives, scanners and other USB devices. Base on my usage of a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, there are not any advantage using a USB mouse over a PS/2 mouse and keyboard.

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computer tech support said...

That is very useful especially if you have an old computer.