December 6, 2010

How to take care of your computer in the Winter?

You need to be careful about static electricity in the winter because the air is dry and cold which means static electricity is easier to generate while fixing your computer. I recommend using an anti-static wrist strap to minimize the chance of zapping your computer with static electricity while fixing or cleaning the inside of your computer in the winter.
If you own a laptop or desktop and take it out of the house a lot in cold weather, I recommend you wait a  hour or more for your laptop or desktop to reach room temperature at your home to avoid condensation from damaging your laptop. It is best to carry your laptop in a well padded and insulated laptop bag to prevent it from freezing which is not good for its LCD, parts, and battery.

When your laptop or desktop is cold, and the room is warm, moisture will form inside your laptop which can cause your laptop parts to rust or short circuit.

It is best not to leave your laptop or computer in your car since your car will be very cold at night which may freeze it and damage it.

Also be sure to not put computer and its wires too close to a heater since the heat may make your computer overheat, or melt wires.

During the winter, if you own a laptop, it is best to keep the battery in even if it is plugged in since power outages can happen, and you lose all your work unless your laptop is plugged in with its battery. If you use a desktop, you should use an Uninterrupted Power Supply also called a UPS which is a battery backup device which will supply your computer with power, so you can keep using your computer or properly shutdown your desktop computer when there is a power outage.

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