December 8, 2010

Laptop Bags which keep your Laptop warm and dry during Winter

A Laptop bag is good for cold snowy and rainy days. It keeps your laptop from getting too cold and freezing in cold weather. The padding in laptop bags act as a sweater keeping warm air in while keeping cold air out. The bag also prevents snow and rain from dripping into your laptop. It will also help prevent your laptop from breaking if you slip on ice and fall on the floor since a laptop bag is usually pretty well padded to protect your laptop from falls and bumps.

Belkin Slim Backpack  might be a better choice if you are a student, or you do not the shoulder strap laptop bag, and prefer to wear your laptop on your back instead of on your shoulder, so the weight is  better distributed throughout your back. Plus, the bag is more difficult to steal when you are wearing it on your back with both arm straps vs the one shoulder or hand strap on most laptop bags.

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